November 22, 1963
Dallas, Texas
In less than
a second,
America died.


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"If you shut up the truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way."

- French author Emile Zola

"Treason does never prosper.
What's the reason?
When it prospers,
None dare call it treason."

Sir John Harrington

Anatomy of a Conspiracy


Chauncey Marvin Holt

Luis Posada Carriles

An expert on the Kennedy assassination asks:

Does Posada have incriminating evidence against Bush senior?

The JFK assassination and Bush's refusal to extradite Posada Carriles to Venezuela? I wish that respected journalists would leave the debate whether Posada is a terrorist, and concentrate on the question whether he and Orlando Bosch were involved in the JFK assassination under direction of George HW Bush. All three were in Dallas that day.

Because THAT is the real reason he will NEVER be extradited as long as Bushes are in the big seat.

All three were in Dallas that day ... Bosch and Posada on Dealey Plaza to be exact.

The current debate is very much like the the debate on the single bullet theory. It centers around the question whether the impossible trajectory of that bullet is possible after all. Which takes away from the much more important reasons to blow it out of the water, namely:

1) The bullet fragments retrieved from Connolly's wrist weighed much more than what the "magic bullet" had lost from its original weight.

2) No bullet penetrated Kennedy's neck

3) No bullet in recorded history has ever caused 7 wounds, penetrating and shattering bones in the process, and emerged in the un-deformed condition of the magic bullet.

4) It is simply impossible that one bullet causing such damage, emerges in almost pristine condition, while the other one, the one in Kennedy's head, purportedly from the same rifle, explodes in a thousand fragments.

By Ernesto Villegas - Special for Venezuela newspaper Quinto Dia

Wim Dankbaar is a 44-year-old father of two in The Netherlands. For the last four years he has been actively involved in a project to gather and present new evidence in the JFK assassination ... evidence that proves that the official story is a fraud and that the Kennedy killing was a conspiracy with the knowledge and consent of the highest powers in US government.

What is the basis for Dankbaar's assertion that the CIA and and anti-Castro elements were behind the assassination?

Dankbaar: This becomes very clear for everyone who studies the known evidence thoroughly. Both the CIA, or maybe I should say the hawks in the CIA, and the anti Castro cubans, who were trained by the CIA, had the means and the motives to kill Kennedy. But they did it in partnership with some key figures in the US Government and Big Business in Texas, as well as a few leaders in Organized Crime. These last three groups had equally strong motives to rid themselves of Kennedy, and even stronger means to pull it off. The fact of the matter is that it was an ordinary but hidden coup d'etat, to take over the US government and reverse the policies of Kennedy. Policies that were detested by all of these groups. These groups had already found each other long before 1963.

They were in bed together. The most visible proof of that, is their efforts to assassinate Fidel Castro. The groups involved in that are the exact same groups that I have mentioned, this is a proven and public fact now, and they are the exact same people that ended up killing Kennedy. They were very much intertwined, and probably still are. Now if you want to put faces to these devils of power, you could best divide them first into a 3 level hierarchy. High level, mid level and operational level. The high level is the select group of conspirators, you may think of Lyndon Johnson, J. Edgar Hoover, George and Prescott Bush, Allen Dulles, oil barons Clint Murchison and H. L. Hunt, crime bosses Santo Trafficante, Sam Giancana and Carlos Marcello. It was actually a wider group than that, but it is difficult to pinpoint them all. After all, in a cover-up you have to work with circumstantial evidence, unless someone breaks the secrecy with a public confession.

The mid-level was the planning cadre, the managers, the puppet masters directing the pawns and the actual shooters. Two of those managers, the CIA calls them controllers, were E. Howard Hunt and his partner David Atlee Phillips. They are both legends in Covert Operations. Guy Banister in New Orleans is another example. The CIA also used assets to assist with the operational side. Philip Twombly for example, a very unknown name, was instrumental in providing the fake secret service badges that were made for the executives in Dealey Plaza. He was also in Dallas that day, as was Nixon, their cover was the Pepsi Cola bottling convention. So this mid group organizes the actual operation. They direct the shooters and their spotters. They are the operational level. And it is important to understand that these shooters do not necessarily have to know about each other's participation. That is what the CIA calls compartimentalization. They only take orders from their direct boss, they are not being told who else is involved in the operation, just to follow orders. This works horizontally and vertically in the organization. Even the mid level people do not have to know all the people at the top. One man to take the orders from is enough. For example, if Howard Hunt gets his orders from Dulles, he doesn't have to know that Dulles planned it with Nixon and Johnson. And Nixon and Johnson don't need to know the identities of the shooters. So at the top the conspiracy is rather closely held, although many people are used. The ground rules are CIA only, maximum security, non-attributability, plausible denial, need to know basis, no written communication. Another ground rule is "What you don't know can't hurt anybody." Interestingly, this rule is also applied by a control of the mass media, who hardly ever report on the JFK assassination, unless it is something nutty or disinformation, but the real critics of the official version are not given a voice by US media.

Only Oliver Stone was able to break through this wall with his much attacked movie JFK, which presented a more believable scenario, however still without naming the names. If you want names in the operational level I can tell you that Charles Nicoletti and James Files were two of the shooters. They were both under orders from Sam Giancana, the mafia boss of Chicago. John Roselli, another lieutenant of Giancana, was also there, but as a spotter, he did not shoot. Of these names I am absolutely sure, based on the detailed confession of James Files, who claims he fired the fatal headshot from the grassy knoll. Why he is credible is too detailed to explain here, I do that in my book 'Files on JFK.' He says that his boss Charles Nicoletti fired from the Daltex building behind Kennedy. His knowledge does not go further than that, which shows the compartimentalization again. Of course there were also shooters in the Texas schoolbook building, and possibly other locations like the roof of the Records building, but I don't know their identities beyond any doubt. I have strong indications though that both David Sanchez Morales and Richard Cain were shooters in the Book Depository. Richard Cain was another hitman for Sam Giancana with strong CIA ties and Morales was a husky looking Mexican-Indian with very dark complection, who developed a reputation as best CIA assassin for Latin American. He was also very close with David Atlee Phillips and he was the Chief of Operations of the CIA station in Miami which trained the Cuban exiles for raids against Castro. The boss of that station was Ted Shackley, an associate of George Bush, which connection is later formalized when Bush becomes CIA director and appoints Shackley as his Deputy Director Operations. Interestingly, James Files says that he was recruited for the CIA by David Atlee Phillips on a recommendation of Ted Shackley. Furthermore I know that Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch were on Dealey Plaza.

Was Oswald the assassin of JFK?

Dankbaar: No, of course not. Oswald was a CIA agent who was cleverly setup as the patsy by his superiors David Atlee Phillips and Guy Banister in New Orleans. It appears that George Demohrenschildt, an oil geologist who knew all the Texan oil tycoons, including Bush, was also handling Oswald in Dallas. Anyway, I am positive that Phillips made Oswald believe that he was playing the part of the hero, trying to infiltrate the assassination plot in order to inform on it and thus in order to prevent it. It is only at the last moment that Oswald realized he was just a patsy, as he said himself. This is also why he was at the right time in the right place. He cooperated, hoping up to the last moment that he could prevent the assassination. He was actually an admirer of Kennedy for his civil rights and anti-segregation policies. But he was also the perfect patsy. Through his staged defection to Russia, which was in fact a covert mission supported by the CIA, he already looked like a communist and he smelled like a communist. This was reinforced with his pro Castro cover and Fair Play for Cuba Committee, which he also did under direction of the CIA. Lee Harvey loved to be a double agent and infiltrate the other side. But the truth is that he was very strongly anti-Castro. I do know that he participated in at least one of the plans to kill Castro. Funny enough Oswald misspeaks in one of his radio interviews. He says that in Russia he "was at all times under the protection of the US Government." Then he quickly corrects himself, saying that he did not mean to say that but that he "held at all times contacts with the American Embassy in Moscow"

No, Oswald was the opposite of the assassin of JFK, and this is perhaps the greatest injustice of all. Although the media and government mouthpieces are still trying to brainwash the public with the lone-nut-assassin-lie, there is not a shred of evidence to place him on the 6th floor with that old rifle, let alone firing it, let alone hitting JFK. This is even clear for those who read the Warren Report, there is enough evidence in there to vindicate him, but they knew that the average American is not going to plough through those 26 volumes, so just repeating its "conclusion" through the media was enough to accomplish the mission. Certainly at that time when Americans still trusted their government.

Oswald would have been vindicated if he would have gone to trial. He would also have blown the lid of the conspiracy. Therefore he could not be allowed to live. It is obvious that something went wrong in the plan. They did not plan for him to be captured and alive in custody. So Jack Ruby, who was Giancana's man in Dallas and also worked for Carlos Marcello and Santo Trafficante, was hastily selected to finish the job. He had to, disobeying an order in the mob is not an option.

How long took the investigation that you have been directing?

Dankbaar: That depends on when you start counting, I have been interested in it since 1988. From that time I have read books, watched documentaries and such. But I have become actively involved when I learned about the confession of James Files, which was only 4 years ago.

Who financed your investigation?

Dankbaar: Myself, but I have to say I that am building on the work and testimonies of others, most of those have invested at great personal cost, financially, emotionally or both. Without these people my work would not have been possible. Jim Garrison and Joe West are just a few of those people. The late Joe West is the man who found James Files and persuaded him to confess, although Joe West did not live to hear it himself. Jim Garrsion was the one and only public official to take on the conspiracy and try to bring the guilty to justice. If we would have man like that today , with what we know today, the American public would quickly learn the ugly truth. But unfortunately, so far there does not seem to be a man like Jim Garrison. They should make a statue for him, maybe next to Kennedy's grave or in front of the White House.

What is the evidence for the involvement of Bush senior?

Dankbaar: He is connected to all the main players. It is a matter of common sense and circumstancial evidence. I do not know if that evidence would be enough for a conviction, but right now the problem is more that the public does not know about that evidence, because they are not informed of it. To me that clearly shows there is no real freedom of press in America, that is just a cheap myth. What can be proven without any doubt is that Bush lied about not being in the CIA in 1963. A declassified document written by J. Edgar Hoover shows that he was in contact with Hoover about the Kennedy assassination, specifically about the reaction of the cuban exile community in Miami. Hoover names him as "George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency." It is further logical that Bush would be informed on the Cuban exiles because there are several sources that claim he helped finance the Bay of Pigs invasion and actively recruited people for it. There he made his friends in the exile community. One example is Felix Rodriguez, who is Luis Posada's buddy and takes credit for killing Che Guevara.

Common sense also tells you that someone with no experience, is not appointed director of the CIA. But Bush wants us to believe the opposite. Although he seems to have insulated himself pretty well, there is a wealth of evidence that puts him in the middle of all the players. Like he was good friends with Oswald's best friend in Dallas, George Demohrenschildt. But he was also very close to Nixon and Dulles, who did not only plan the Bay of the pigs, but are also better known suspects in the Kennedy conspiracy. Nixon would not do anything without the knowledge of Bush because he thanked his political career to Prescott Bush. Prescott Bush had installed Nixon as VP under Eisenhower, and he and Gerald Ford were also fundraisers for Nixon's campaign against Kennedy. Nixon lost to Kennedy by complete surprise of the Bushes, for they did not know that Kennedy had made a deal with Giancana to rig the elections in Illinois and Virginia. Had that not happened, their men would have become President. Ford and Dulles were both appointed by Johnson on the Warren Commission, no doubt to control the cover-up from there. They were the two most active members. And both were fierce Kennedy enemies, and strong friends of Nixon and the Bushes. I mean Dulles had been FIRED by Kennedy. Dulles hated the man. How could you honestly have Dulles and Ford investigate the man's murder? The Warren Commission was a complete farce to hide the truth and to convict the patsy in the eyes of the public.

Are all the files declassified now, or is there still information that is withheld?

Dankbaar: There are still a lot of documents classified. That fact alone is indication that the Warren Commission was a lie to satisfy the American Public. Because if Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone nut they said he was, there is no valid reason to keep the files locked. If the Warren Commission was correct, national security would not be endangered with the disclosure of that information. They need to lock the files to keep the real truth hidden.

On what do you base your claims that George Bush, Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch were in Dallas the day that JFK was murdered?

Dankbaar: On documents and witness testimonies. A declassified document tells that Bush will be in Dallas on the day of the assassination. It's about a phone call from Bush to the FBI in Houston . In that phone call, Bush himself says he will be in Dallas and asks to keep the information confidential. It's funny that we have that in black and white and Bush does not recall where he was, while every normal citizen does. Another declassified FBI document proves that he was high up in the CIA in 1963, in relation to the "misguided anti-Castro Cubans." In that document Bush is being informed about their reaction to the Kennedy assassination. it's funny again that Bush himself has always denied that he was in the CIA before becoming director of the Agency. That was already a bit hard to believe, but this document proves the lie.

As for the others, I have several sources that place both Posada and Bosch in Dallas that day.

Is there a connection Posada-Bush?

Dankbaar: Lots of connections. But they are not so visible, because they are secret and not exactly advertised on CNN. The Posada-Bush connections root back all the way to the Bay of Pigs. That is when they became acquainted. Not only with Posada but with many other members of Operation 40, because Bush was the creator of Operation 40 with Dulles and Nixon. Because Operation 40 was very secret and illegal, these friendships are covert, but it is no secret that the Bush family is friends with the Cuban exile community in Florida. Jeb Bush is the Governor there, he has the support of all the anti-Castro leaders. Do you remember the Florida recount for the 2000 elections? It is no surprise it happened there and ended in Bush's favor. The most visible friendship of Bush is the one with Felix Rodriguez. Felix Rodriguez is a direct associate of Posada, both are Bay of Pigs veterans and members of Operation 40. Remember the Cuban airline bombing in 1976? This was the year that Bush was CIA director. For this atrocity, Bosch and Posada were convicted in Caracas . After Posada's escape from prison in 1985, he turns up in el Salvador, to work with Felix Rodriguez in another secret operation. It became known as Iran-Contra. It was weapons-supplies to Nicaragua and Iran, financed with drugs trafficking. This operation was also led by George Bush, who was vice president then. Maybe you recall that Carter lost the election to Reagan and Bush? Right after that, the American hostages in Iran were released. This was because Bush had made a secret deal with the Ayatollah Khomeini in Paris to postpone the release of the hostages, so that Carter could not profit from that. In return Iran would get weapons. This event is known as "The October surprise", because the release of the hostages was such a surprise to the public, but not for Bush, because it was all staged. That's how Bush became vice president.

And if you look at Bosch, Posada's accomplice in the airline bombing, who was still in jail in Caracas, he is released in 1987 after a diplomatic negotiation led by Jeb Bush. And when his father becomes President, Bosch receives a presidential pardon. Once you study this history, a clear pattern emerges. A pattern that the Bushes guide and protect the terrorists and assassins of Operation 40, some of whom killed president Kennedy.

Also, a direct supervisor of Posada and Rodriguez was Ted Shackley. Shackley and Bush were very close since the Bay of Pigs. In 1976, when Bush became CIA director, he appointed Shackley as his deputy director Operations. The current CIA director, Porter Goss, also worked under Ted Shackley in Operation 40. There are a lot more connections, but suffice to say that Bush senior is a puppet master behind the scenes. The spider in the web. Very insulated in secrecy, but very deadly.

What is your analysis of the refusal to extradite Posada Carriles to Venezuela?

Dankbaar: Posada is the holder of many secrets, the disclosure of which would be disastrous for Bush. Posada himself has said this publicly. This is why Posada gets this protection, and this is why he cannot be extradited to Venezuela. The Bush administration is therefore in an extremely embarrassing situation. A hot potato that they can't swallow. The best thing that could happen for them is that Posada simply dies of old age. I can hardly see a good solution. They can't extradite him, and they can't release him, for that would create an international protest. So far the outcry is mainly coming from Castro and Chavez, and my advise to them would be to keep the pressure on. I am actually surprised that Castro is not exploiting the Kennedy connection more. After all, it is his own former girl friend Marita Lorenz, who implicated Bosch and other Operation 40 members in the Kennedy murder. The American media pay little attention to his outrage, because they are controlled by Big Business and because he is just the communist dictator, an enemy of the United States. And Chavez is his puppet. What they say is just propaganda. That is the image painted of them. If Castro would simply say that Bush is protecting the killers of JFK, it would be all over the news, also in the United States. That would shake the world awake on what's playing here. And that is what Castro wants, if I am not mistaken. He wants the world to see the hypocrisy of the Posada asylum case and the War on Terror. But I am not sure if he sees that he could unleash a scandal bigger than Watergate.

Anyway, I hope he reads this (laughs).

Wim Dankbaar

"Treason does never prosper. What's the reason? When it prospers, None dare call it treason."

- Sir John Harrington

"If you shut up the truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way."

- French author Emile Zola

The last seconds of life

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