November 22, 1963
Dallas, Texas
In less than
a second,
America died.


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"If you shut up the truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way."

- French author Emile Zola

"Treason does never prosper.
What's the reason?
When it prospers,
None dare call it treason."

Sir John Harrington

Bob Bennett

In my quest to piece together the puzzle of the Kennedy Assassination, I work a lot with the Google search engine. A few weeks ago I was trying to find information on some of the names that CIA contract pilot Tosh Plumlee had mentioned as his instructors who sent him and others on an abort mission to Dallas in order to prevent the pending assassination attempt of president Kennedy.

One of those names is Bob Bennett. When I typed that name in Google, I quickly found references to the US senator for Utah, Robert F. Bennett. Could this be the same man as Tosh's CIA instructor of 42 years ago? Well, I was immediately drawn to dig further when I saw that Bennett had been a candidate for Deep Throat, of Watergate fame. For those not familiar with the subject: Deep Throat was the secret source for Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, who broke the Watergate scandal, which eventually forced president Nixon to resign.

Senator Bob Bennett
Let me first say that Tosh has not made the connection with senator Bennett of Utah. That was my "eureka".

Tosh just recalls his CIA instructor of 42 years ago as one Bob Bennett. So a few weeks ago I type this name in Google and I find links to the senator, and also that he had been a candidate for deep throat. Whether he is or not, upon some further digging I saw he was running "the Mullen Company", a CIA front for Howard Hughes.

We should also know that Robert Maheu, who worked for Howard Hughes, introduced the CIA to Johnny Roselli to enlist the help of the mafia in the now declassified CIA/Mafia plots to kill Fidel Castro. And of course we now know that Roselli was part of the abort team and one of the key players in Dealey Plaza.

Senator Bennett
Furthermore the Watergate burglary is widely rumored to have a connection with the Kennedy assassination, to which I wholeheartedly subscribe. I have good sources for the thesis that the break-in was done to seize hard evidence for the conspiracy to kill JFK, more specificly a film reel of CIA operatives with Lee Harvey Oswald. And the burglars themselves were of course all CIA operatives with direct links to the Bay of Pigs and the Kennedy assassination, like James McCord, Frank Sturgis, E. Howard Hunt and the anti-Castro Cubans. It is clear that Watergate is connected to the Kennedy assassination. Nixon himself gave his chief of staff H.R. Haldeman a hint to this connection, describing it as "hanky panky" in the infamous "smoking gun" tape:

Nixon: Of course, this is a, this is Hunt, you will-that will uncover a lot of things. You open that scab there's a hell of a lot of things and that we just feel that it would be very detrimental to have this thing go any further. This involves these Cubans, Hunt, and a lot of hanky-panky that we have nothing to do with ourselves. Well what the hell, did Mitchell know about this thing to any much of a degree?


Nixon: When you get in these people when you...get these people in, say: "Look, the problem is that this will open the whole, the whole Bay of Pigs thing, and the President just feels that" ah, without going into the details... don't, don't lie to them to the extent to say there is no involvement, but just say this is sort of a comedy of errors, bizarre, without getting into it, "the President believes that it is going to open the whole Bay of Pigs thing up again. And, ah because these people are plugging for, for keeps and that they should call the FBI in and say that we wish for the country, don't go any further into this case", period!


In his book, The Ends of Power, Haldeman cites several conversations where Nixon expressed concern about the Watergate affair becoming public knowledge and where this exposure might lead. Haldeman writes:

"In fact, I was puzzled when he [Nixon] told me, 'Tell Ehrlichman this whole group of Cubans [Watergate burglars] is tied to the Bay of Pigs.' After a pause I said, 'The Bay of Pigs? What does that have to do with this [the Watergate burglary]?' But Nixon merely said, 'Ehrlichman will know what I mean,' and dropped the subject."

Later in his book, Haldeman appears to answer his own question when he says, "It seems that in all of those Nixon references to the Bay of Pigs, he was actually referring to the Kennedy assassination."

If Haldeman's interpretation is correct, then Nixon's instructions for him to, "Tell Ehrlichman this whole group of [anti-Castro] Cubans is tied to the Bay of Pigs," was Nixon's way of telling him to inform Ehrlichman that the Watergate burglars were tied to Kennedy's murder. (It should be noted that many Cuban exiles blamed Kennedy for the failure to overthrow Castro at the Bay of Pigs, pointing to Kennedy's refusal to provide U.S. military support for the invasion.)


In the link below to an article by Don Fulsom, we can learn how Nixon orchestrated his own pardon from prosecution by replacing his vice president Spiro Agnew with Warren Commission member Gerald Ford. The reason is obvious: No one could afford further escalation of the Watergate scandal, because if it was properly investigated it would have led to Dallas 1963. And Mr. Ford had already proven his cover-up skills in the Warren Commission. To learn more about that click here.,0830.htm

Robert "Tosh" Plumlee
The final clincher came from Tosh himself when I confronted him with my discoveries. He said that indeed his CIA instructor was a tall distinguished looking gentleman. He estimated his age around thrirty (Bennett is now 72). He also said that at that time he had joined the Mormon church for three years and the man who encouraged him to join, was none other than Bob Bennett.

As we can see in the link below, Bob Bennett is a mormon, and Utah is the capital state of the Mormons.

Before the distractors - who will always pop up in anything credible, relevant to the JFK assissination - start to shout that Tosh is a flimsy source, let me give them some homework here.

This collection of CIA, DEA and FBI documents will not only show that Tosh is exactly who he says he is, but also the obstruction of justice and his story. Note especially the many redactions in these files.

I can only guess why Mr. Bennett never opened up about the Kennedy assassination, but then again, talking about that is not your best health insurance. I hope he will change his mind before he leaves the stage.

I have always maintained that it is a myth that all who know about the Kennedy conspiracy, are dead. Senator Bennett is just another example. What could he tell us about Dallas 11/22/1963?

Wim Dankbaar

May 17, 2005

Below are the relevant excerpts of the declarations of Tosh Plumlee:

Q: The general "they" that we've been talking about, can you be specific as to who gave you your instructions for November 22, 1963?

A: Yes, my handler at that point was a person by the name of Bob Bennett. The people that would be CIA direct liaison aliases names, Bill Rogers, Rex Beardsley, Bob Bennett, and Larry Allen. And a guy by the name of Johnny Smith, which was actually John Roselli, those are found in the 105 files.

Q: You said Roselli was one of the people you got your instructions from, correct?

A: Not on that particular day, not Roselli. That particular day my instructions came through Locksahatchie through Robert Bennett and also Rex Beardsley, I believe it was.

Q: But Roselli was a key figure and someone you did get instructions from?

A: Well, Roselli's name was mentioned that day that he would be picked up at Tampa airport and he was staying at the Congress Inn so I guess as far as that particular mission the first time I heard Roselli's name was through Bob Bennett who instructed me and Sergio and Rojas. Rojas came from Miami to Lantana and we came from Locksahatchie to Lantana but I was already instructed through Bennett that we were to pick up John Roselli, and he was referred to as the Colonel, and I knew who that was because I had already had previous contact on many, many occasions with Johnny Roselli.

I learned that it had been discussed by the abort team where to go, how to abort, and what to look for. I had not at first paid much attention to any of these details as bits and pieces unfolded. I was told that the abort team, for whom I was only the pilot at that time, would probably be looking for a minimum of 19 or 20 people that would be in the Plaza. Most of the team members felt that this was another false alarm, there had been many during the past few weeks. The detailed instructions to the team had come from Robert Bennett and Rex Beardsley, as well as another case officer whose name I can not recall.

The post-mission debriefing was held on November 25th, my birthday, in West Palm Beach by Rex Beardsley, Bob Bennett and, I believe, Tracy Barnes. There was some discomfort or unhappiness about my having been present in the Plaza without authorization. Sergio was reprimanded for taking me along as a 'spotter'. The report was transmitted to field headquarters Miami to JM/WAVE Headquarters, and the CIA's Miami Cuban Desk.


Update: On May 31, 2005, Mark Felt, former FBI Deputy director, came forward in an interview with Vanity Fair, revealing that he had been Deep Throat. This was then confirmed by The Washington Post and Bob Woodward. Thus Senator Bennett was not Deep Throat, but it looks like he is one of the men who sent a CIA abort team to Dallas.

Now that Deep Throat has come forward, it would be interesting to ask him some questions that nobody asks:

What did Nixon mean with “the whole Bay of Pigs thing”?

What did he mean with “hanky panky”?

How does Mr. Felt feel about the cover-up and Nixon’s pardon by Ford? What were the true reasons for that?

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