November 22, 1963
Dallas, Texas
In less than
a second,
America died.


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"If you shut up the truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way."

- French author Emile Zola

"Treason does never prosper.
What's the reason?
When it prospers,
None dare call it treason."

Sir John Harrington

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DVD Judyth Baker interview now available

This is the previously unknown story of Judyth Vary Baker, who fell in love with Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans during the summer of 1963. If you can't deal with the idea that Lee Oswald was not the assassin of President Kennedy, this story is not for you. However, if you want to learn the true legacy of this man, this DVD is a must see.

You will learn that Lee was the total opposite of what the U.S. govermnent and mainstream media have brainwashed the public with. You will also learn about a highly secret CIA plot to kill Fidel Castro with a cancer causing virus. You will learn about the underground cancer laboratories in New Orleans; you will learn why Oswald went to Mexico City. You will learn why he was seen in the presence of Clay Shaw (portrayed by Tommy Lee Jones in the movie JFK), David Ferrie (Joe Pesci) and Guy Banister (Ed Asner). You will understand why Jim Garrison (Kevin Costner) was not able to convict Clay Shaw in his famous trial to identify the real killers of JFK. You will even learn of a probable explanation for the epidemic of soft tissue cancers in America today, and possibly AIDS.

You will learn why the cancer plot had to be kept a secret, perhaps even more so than the Kennedy assassination. Judyth's oral history is a brave attempt to bring justice to her former lover and the truth of the Kennedy conspiracy. It is an account of government lies, cover-up, black ops, deception, subterfuge, murder, secrecy and media control of the public perception. In short, it will turn upside down everything you believed about Lee Harvey Oswald and the Kennedy assassination.

As a special bonus, you will also hear the story of two people who gave much to make sure that Judyth's story was told in some form, including Debbee Reynolds, a friend who lost her house for providing Judyth with assistance, and assassination researcher Edward Haslam, who provides strong corroborating evidence for the existence of the cancer laboratories Judyth describes and who was introduced to someone claiming to be Judyth in 1972

Dutch reading people can read an article on Judyth here.


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The DVD is 4 hours total, 3 hours wherein Judyth tells her story of Lee and her in minute detail. It's like an oral book. There is also an hour with Edward Haslam and Judyth's girl friend Debbee Reynolds, who lost her house for assisting Judyth.

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