November 22, 1963
Dallas, Texas
In less than
a second,
America died.


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"If you shut up the truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way."

- French author Emile Zola

"Treason does never prosper.
What's the reason?
When it prospers,
None dare call it treason."

Sir John Harrington


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Date: Thursday 20 november, 2003
G = George Noory
Z = Zack Shelton
J = Jim Marrs

G ? It was a crime that shocked the world, the assassination of president John F. Kennedy, and from that moment of that horrible day in Dallas, forty years ago, the world has been embroiled in controversy. Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone? Perhaps there were other shooters? Was it a conspiracy? Regardless of what you believe, the shooting of our president took away something from all of us. We all remember that day and we were never quite the same.

November 22, this Saturday, marks the 40st anniversary of JFK?s death. Forty years ?.. it seems like almost yesterday, doesn?t it? And those of us who were around then, remember the day. We remember exactly were we were when we heard the news. And when you think of time, think about this: When Kennedy was killed, WW II had ended merely 18 years before that event. Only 18 years!

Tonight on coast to coast AM, a very special 4 hours presentation with a number of guests on the assassination of John F. Kennedy. They will bring their theories to what they think might have happened on that day in Dealey Plaza in Dallas. Zack Shelton has a BA in criminal justice from Loyola University in New Orleans, Louisiana, that he received in 1973. He spent 28 years in law enforcement with the FBI and is now retired. Zack is currently the president and owner of Z. Shelton and associates, a private investigator firm in Texas. In addition he has been investigating the assassination of JFK since his retirement in 1998, assisted by approximately eight other retired FBI agents.

Jim Marrs, many of you know of him, is an award winning journalist and has more than 30 years experience with several Texas newspapers. He has taught a course on the JFK assassination at the University of Texas in Arlington since 1976. In 1999 he began teaching a course on UFO?s, perhaps one of the first university level UFO courses in the nation. Jim also investigated the US army?s remote viewing program, 3 years before it was publicly acknowledged by the CIA and then produced Alien Agenda, in addition to his book Rule by Secrecy. It has been termed an underground bestseller. And the book of course connects the secret societies with the ancient mysteries. Tonight on coast to coast this hour, my guests are Zack Shelton and Jim Marrs.
Zack, welcome to Coast to Coast! How are you, sir?

Z ? Good George! Thank you for having us!

G ? Well, it?s my pleasure, and Jim, welcome back!

J ? Hey George, it?s always a pleasure to be with you!

G ? For me as well! Zack, let?s start with you briefly. Give me your take on the assassination, I wanna know your theory, before we get into some of the things that you and Jim have uncovered.

Z - Well, I?d have to say, George, I really don?t have any theories. Mainly I am going where the evidence takes me. I came across some information in 1980 while I was working on a case ? I guess we didn?t mention that I worked on organised crime in Kansas city and Chicago ? and while in Chicago I came across some information ?.. a comment that was made by one of the mobsters there, that always stuck with me. I gave this information in 1992 to a private investigator by the name of Joe West, out of Houston Texas. He found this particular individual and this individual said that he is the man who took the shot from the grassy knoll ? and since 1998 I have been researching and investigating trying to prove or disprove this man?s story. During that process I have teamed up, came across approximately 8 to 10 other retired FBI agents that worked on organised crime in Chicago, and uh .. we?re here today!

G ? All right, very good. Jim Marrs, your thoughts!

J ? Well , I too have never really operated on theories, I have gone to look for facts. I think one of the most monstruous theories of them all, is the single assassin theory. And I like to quickly make a few remarks about the ABC 2 hour special tonight. It was kind of incredible, because it is a very well done production, very well managed, and of course it has a computer simulation, and of course we all know that a computer tells you the truth all the time? except actually it doesn?t, because anybody that operates a computer, realizes it is garbage in, garbage out!

And the reason I mention that, George, is that on any computer analysis or any computer simulation such as they had, which depicted all of Dealey Plaza, you have to have the exact measurements, distances, elevations, the exact numbers to make it work. Otherwise you are just drawing a picture.

I?m assuming that they used the Warren Commission?s survey of Dealey Plaza for their re-enactment in their computer simulation. If they did, then you can FORGET it, Okay? Because years ago I interviewed Bob West, who was the county surveyor of Dallas county back at that time and his friend Chester Brewman. Both of these men were hired by the Warren Commision to submit a survey of Dealey Plaza, do a platmap and provide them with the distances, elevations and all of the basic data. Both of those men told me that the Warren Commission altered their numbers!

G ? Altered the numbers?

J ? Altered the numbers! They also had on their original map, places that said ?Bullet mark on the street here, bullet mark on the sidewalk here.? And then both of them said they were instructed to remove that from the map, and of course the Warren Commission never mentioned those bullet strikes. Now I KNOW this is true because both of them told me that! And Chester Brewman gave me a copy of the original map, which I still have.

G - Okay, and as you both know of course, the controversy here is whether Lee Harvey Oswald was the shooter, whether Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, if there was a conspiracy, whether there were a number of other shooters in Dealey Plaza on that horrible day. Zack, tell me a little bit more about this individual who claims he took the shot from the grassy knoll?

Z ? Yes, this individual was a close confidant and a driver and a kind of gopher for an individual by the name of Charles Nicoletti. Nicoletti was a subboss working for the Chicago mob. And basically his story starts in ninety ? or let?s say in april 1963, when he states that Chuck Nicoletti came from the house of Sam Giancana, or no, uuh correct me, the house of Tony Accardo, where Sam Giancana, Tony Accardo and Chuck Nicoletti met and basically came to Files that evening and said ?We have a contract on the president of the United States?.

What?s interesting about that particular time, is that it is the same time that another individual that we have, who was a CIA operative, received orders from his handler that he was to start making false identifications for Lee Harvey Oswald. Now, taken that from there, and when I started to contact these other retired FBI agents, I came across what I think is the biggest, which I would call probably the smoking gun of this whole case. And I would like to share that with you, George.

G ? Please go ahead!

Z ? The two agents that viewed the autopsy ? as you know the FBI did not have any jurisdiction over the investigation of the death of a president - all the jurisdiction lied within the authorities of Dallas ..

G ? Which truly was unbelievable, but you are absolutely right!

Z ? Now, when Airforce One left, headed back towards Washington to take the president to the Bethesda hospital for the autopsy, these two agents received a phonecall from headquarters and were told to report to Andrews airforce base and for taking the motorcade to Bethesda and also view the autopsy to uphold the FBI?s interest. These are the only two agents, or let?s say the only two individuals that night, that took notes as to who was in and out of that room.

I have filmed agent Jim Sibert and have talked to agent Francis O?Neill, both of whom viewed the autopsy. And what they have to say, just totally blows the Warren Commission out of the water. Uh, for instance, and bear with me, I just got three paragraphs and I think these three paragraphs will prove there was a conspiracy and a cover-up.

G ? Okay, By all means, go ahead!

Z ? (reading out loud) ?During the last stages of this autopsy Dr. Humes located an opening which appeared to be a bullet hole, which was below the shoulders and two inches to the right of the middle line of the spinal column.?

That happens to be five and a half inches below the neck line.

?This opening was probed by Dr Humes with a finger, at which time it was determined that the trajectory of the missile entered at this point and entered in a downward position of 55 to 60 degrees. Further probing determined that the distance traveled by this missile was a SHORT distance, in as much that the end of the opening could be felt with a finger. In as much that no complete bullet of any size could be located in the brain area, and likewise no bullet could be located in the back or any other area of the body, as determined by total-body X-rays and inspection revealing that there was no point of exit. The individuals performing the autopsy were at a loss to explaining why they could not find no bullets.?

What that means, is that this bullet that enterered the back of president Kennedy did not exit the body. If you believe these two agents? testimony of their report, there cannot be, can NOT be a magic bullet.

G - Well, but if that bullet never exited the body and they X-rayed the president and couldn?t find the bullet, what happened to it?

Z - Well, this is an interesting question, because what happened, is that agent Sibert then went to the telephone and called the firearms-unit of the FBI lab and told agent Killian the problem that they had and that they could not find an exit wound. And could he explain that? Is there such a thing as an ice bullet? And he (Killian) said , well, I think I have your answer: Agents from the Secret Service just walked in and handed me a bullet that was found on a stretcher at Parkland Hospital.

G ? Right!

Z ? He went back and told this to Dr. Humes and Dr. Humes said, well , I think that settles it, uh what must have happened is that the bullet fell out of the wound upon cardiac massage conducted by the doctors at Parkland Hospital???. Now , whatever, the point I am making is that that bullet that did not exit the body, is the only backwound, or neckwound, whatever, on the back of Kennedy, and that coincides with the testimony that I heard this morning from Mrs. Connally, that a first shot occurred, she knew that the president was shot, she turned around , or let?s see, Connally turned around and when he did, then he (Connally) was shot. This lady, that is probably the best witness you can have, she was sitting right next to her husband, she knows there were two separate shots that hit, let?s say one shot to the president and another shot to Connally.

G - What would the purpose be of using an ice bullet? And I assume what you mean by that is a bullet that is actually made of ice, right? And it melts?

Z ? Well, that was a question asked by the investigator because they could not find a bullet or an exitwound. So his natural thought was that , you know, some kind of ice bullet, that melted or whatever ?..

G ? Okay, but what is the purpose of even shooting someone with an ice bullet? So it melts away, so what? What is the rational here?

Z ? Well, the rational is that the question was asked because they could not find the bullet, and that?s the only explanation that he could come to , I guess, as whether there is such a thing as an ice bullet.

G ? Yeah, I know, but the question is why use an ice bullet as opposed to A bullet? A regular bullet?

J ? No evidence.

Z - No evidence, right.

J- If I can jump in quickly? Zack, tell ?m about the fact that the two agents you talked to, also talked to Roy Kellerman, who was a Secret Service agent in the car and we now know that when Kennedy was first hit, he said ?I?m hit, get me to the hospital?. And the reason that this is significant, is because if the bullet had passed through his throat and come out at his adam?s apple, as they argue now, he wouldn?t have to be able to say anything.

G ? No, not at all. Not at all. And also by what we have always heard that after his skull got blasted away, that came relatively soon as well. I mean we were dealing with just a matter of seconds in between shots, we were told, right?

J ? 5.6 seconds.

G ? Yeah, there?s no way he could have even spoken. Uh, It?s weird . He couldn?t have talked with the way the Warren Commission reported the crime.

Z ? Right, that?s exactly correct. And what we have here, that proves the conspiracy, because that proves there were four shots. What proves the cover-up is that these agents never testified for the Warren Commission. I know for a fact that J. Edgar Hoover read that report, there is no doubt in my mind that he would, but he (also) quotes this report to president Johnson in several paragraphs of a memorandum that Hoover wrote approximately six days after the assassination.

Now the question is why would you send these two agents to witness an autopsy and not have them testify before the Warren Commission?

G ? Good point! Hold that thought, Zack, and we?ll come back with you, Jim Marrs, in just a moment as well. I?m George Noory, tonight on Coast to Coast a special four-hour edition devoted entirely to the assassination of John F. Kennedy, forty years ago this coming Saturday. I?ll be back in a moment.

- Music break -

G ? And welcome back to Coast to Coast, I?m George Noory with this special investigation of the JFK assassination with my guests this hour Zack Shelton and Jim Marrs. Zack, we?ll go to you in a second, but Jim, the theory of the multiple shooters, is that it was a triangular shoot based on those that believe in that. If that?s the case, where were the shooters positioned?

J ? Well, that?s where you get into theories and that?s where you get into lots of speculations and that?s where you get into lots of the conspiracy books that have been published, and the basic problem there, George, is nobody knows for sure because up till this very day there has never been an adequate full and honest investigation of this case. Let me also say that what I find most amazing right now, is that in all the retrospectives that are being broadcasted and televized to the american public today, now former government spokesmen, former government officials are now telling us things like: yes, there was a plot between the CIA and the mafia working together and plots against Castro to ensue assasination.

Also we?re being told now: Yes, Oswald was in touch with David Ferrie, Guy Banister, former FBI, CIA people, anti-Castro cubans from Cuba. This is information that they DENIED for more than fifteen years and now they tell it like: "Oh well, we all knew that!" And the reason I mention that is because the only reason that this information is out now is not because of any government investigation, but because of the huge number of assassination researcher, private researchers. Private citizens that have taken it upon themselves to investigate this case. And now they just freely admit that all that was going on. I noticed in the ABC special tonight that at the very moment that they were saying that Oswald had no connections to anyone, they show him in his Civil Air Patrol uniform. Well, he was a member of the Civil Air Patrol, Okay? And it has now been established that his leader in the Civil Air Patrol in New Orleans, when he (Oswald) was just a young boy, was none other than David Ferrie! Who has been connected not only to the mafia but also to the CIA.

And this is important because the individual we are now talking about, who says he is the grassy knoll gunman, says he too worked for both the mafia and the CIA and in fact reported to a ranking senior officer of the CIA. And this is the same officer that was identified years ago by a leader of the anti-Castro cubans, who says he saw this officer in the company of Lee Harvey Oswald.

G ? Why would this person admit that he was the grassy knoll shooter? Zack, do you want to handle that one?

Z- Yeah , I can handle that! Before I do, I tell you what, you?re in for a treat the next two hours, Jim Fetzer is really great to talk to. ,

G - Yes, he is a good man , I ?ve known him from my days in St. Louis. He ?s a professor of course up there in Minnesota, and you?re absolutely right, but you all bring a different perspective ... and the SAME perspective and that?s what?s important of getting you all together tonight. And I appreciate what you are all doing.

Z - Well, I can tell you this, George: I was the one who came up with this particular individual who says he is the grassy knoll shooter.

G ? Is he still alive?

Z ? Yes he is. In fact Jim and I ? well, I didn?t have the occasion to talk to him, but Jim just talked to him yesterday. And I talked to him five years ago. I think he?s still skittish of me because I?m former FBI.

G ? How old is he now? Roughly?

Z - Uh ? 62

G ? So he was a 22 /23 year old ?

Z ? He was 21 years old.

G ? All right (with some disbelief in voice)

J ? Well, keep in mind Lee Oswald had just barely turned 24.

G ? Yeah, Yes, that?s true

Z ? Well, 20 over while in the Marine corps and also doing some other things.

G - All right. Now this person who claims he is the grassy knoll shooter?

Z- Well, let me tell you what happened, George. I was working on a case, I was working on this particular guy, he was a subject of mine, highjacking trucker trailer loads of goods and selling them out of Melrose park, which is totally mob, so you can?t operate there unless you?ve got the blessings of the mob. I sent an undercover agent in, he made three buys. At the same time he was taking cars to Dallas in a chop shop operation ?. and Dallas indicted him. And the guy that cooperated for the FBI, I interviewed (him) for three days and during the course of the interviews he said: ?Let me tell you something weird, Zack! We?re driving trough Dealey Plaza one day and Files really gets weird on me, ... and states that if the American people really would know what happened here, they wouldn?t be able to handle it."

George, it was said in a tone not like you and I would say: If we really knew what happened we couldn?t handle it! It was said in a way that this man knew something. Well, there was no reason for this guy telling me this. Now the question is, why did this assassin say it? So that bothered me and stuck with me for years. I didn?t write it down or put it in a report because it had nothing to do with what I was talking about ?..

G ? Did you tell anybody else at the time?

Z ? At the time, no, I did not.

G ? All right...

Z ? So in 1992 I picked up a local newspaper here and in the paper on the frontpage, it must have been in november , there was a big article on the conspiracy 'who killed JFK?', written by a local newsman here with the notes from a conversation with a private investigator named Joe West. So I met with Joe West, to make a long story short, I told him about the comment. I said he is in jail somewhere in the United States. At that time I didn?t know where he was. Well, Joe West found him. There was communication by letters and uh? it was to the point of ?I don?t wanna talk to you!?, to the point of ?Ok, I?ll talk to you, but I can?t help you!? Then to the point of ?Okay, hypothetically if you were there, where would you have been??, to the point of actual confession. But he did not confess untill after Joe West died.. Joe West died of a massive heart attack. And after he did, that is when Files confessed. He says he confessed because of Joe West. Because Joe spent at least eight months romancing this guy and never did hear his confession ?.. and he just liked Joe West. Now, that may sound strange ?

G ? Mmm, mmm (confirming)

Z - But that?s a reason he said he did his confession.

G ? Now does he understand that some law enforcement authorities might charge him with this? Or do you think that may never occur?

J - He thinks that will never happen because if there was ever a charge and he was brought into court, then the government involvement in all this would come out, and so they will see to it that that doesn?t happen.

G ? Oh my! ... This ?.This is a shattering story! ? It really is!

J ? It is! It?s a massive story. And it should be investigated with a fine tooth comb. But instead it?s ignored. And all we get is psycho-diabole like ?Oh, well, nobody can really handle the fact that just a lone nut with no connections, can take down the great president!?

G ? Uh .. Jim and Zack, Of course we all know about the error rate with a polygraph test, but it sure would be interesting to see James Files hooked up to one, wouldn?t it?

Z ? Oh I agree , and then ?

J ? Well, hey wait, he HAS taken a polygraph!

G ? He HAS?

J ? That?s true !

G ? Did he pass?

J ? He passed! There was some hesitation ? there was some problem with one part of his story , but it did NOT have to do with the actual shooting.

G ? All right. Well, given the fact that he was there, do you still believe , Jim, that Oswald was up there in the School Book Depository?

J ? No, I?ll just simply quote Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry back in the sixties when he said ?We never could put him in that window with the rifle!?

G ? But somebody was up there?!

J ? Somebody was up there, there were shots from the Schoolbook Depository but nobody beyond any reasonable shadow of a doubt that it was Lee Harvey Oswald. In fact what I discovered in the Dallas Police files, when they were opened in about 1992 following the Oliver Stone movie, was that the Dallas police, just two hours after the shooting had done a parafine test on Oswald and it showed some nitrates on his hands, but NO nitrates or gunpowder on his face. And Zack, would you agree that someone who had fired that old military rifle, especially as fast as he did, there would undoubtedly have been some gunpowder traces?

Z ? I would agree and I?d like to add to that, George, I was able to come across, and of course Jim told me about it months before, but I had to find out myself, and I DID find out. I found an FBI lab report, dated November 23rd, which is the next day of course, on Saturday. All the evidence that was taken by the Dallas Police Department from the sixth floor of the Book Depository, was delivered to the FBI Lab in Washington DC at midnight that night. The tests were run the next morning and the report was written the next day after the evidence was returned, which happened to be (also) the rifle. Well, strangely enough ?. and I?ll read it for you: ?No latent prints of any value were developed on Oswald?s revolver, the cartridge cases, the unfired cartridge, the clip of the rifle or the inner parts of the rifle. The latent prints appearing in the photographs taken of the rifle K-1 by the Dallas Police, are too fragmentary and indistinct to be of any value for identification purposes.?

In other words, George, they didn't find one print of Lee Harvey Oswald on that rifle. On Monday they have a print! But you have to understand that that rifle returned to Dallas on Saturday night. And Jim?, I think you talked to him, I didn?t, why don?t you tell ?em what the director of Miller funeral home says?

J ? Right, The director, the then director of Miller funeral home that was handling funeral arrangements for Oswald, I talked to him, but that was only after a written newsaccount in one of the Fort Worth papers that said that the FBI came with a crimelab kit and spent a long time in the morgue. So I asked Mr. Paul Groody about this and he said ?Oh yes!? I said: Where you there when the FBI put Oswald?s hand on the rifle? And he said ?Yes, we had a heck of a time to get the fingerprint ink off of his dead hand in time for the burial.?

G ? Geez, Oh my God!

Z ? George, I never believed that statement untill I read this FBI lab report.

G ? Is James Files his real name or is that not? ..

J ? No, that is not his real name!

G- All right! Is it possible and would you two be willing to try to get him along with both of you back on the air here? At a certain date?

Z ? Well, you ? we can?t get him! He is locked there in jail.

G ? Well, sometimes they are allowed to come to the phone. I have interviewed death row inmates, hours before they were electrocuted. So ..

J - Well, we can certainly ask. But I will say this too: I don?t want to go into the particulars, but uh ?the only reason that he talked with us, is because of some particular circumstances that are not going to be repeated. So therefore I can say , I think it?s gonna be pretty difficult to get him to speak on the air.

G ? So what are you going to do?

Z ? George, we like to tell you though, that we have not only him, but we have two other individuals on tape, on file, that were participants. Files tells a story, he states that Nicoletti and Roselli were there that day, that Nicoletti took the shot, he took the shot and Roselli was kind of the link between the mob and the CIA. Well, we have the individual that flew in Johnny Roselli. Files says that he didn?t know how Nicoletti got to Dallas, and that Roselli was flown in on a military aircraft.

G ? Wasn?t Roselli a ?friend? of J. Edgar Hoover? Wasn?t there some kind of relationship there?

Z ? No, I think you ...

G ? Hoover went to a racetrack, Roselli fixed the bets for him and things like that?

Z ? No, I think you?re talking about Frank Costello!

G ? Was it Costello? Okay!

J ? But Roselli was intimately involved in the secret war against Castro. In fact, I?ve spoken to CIA pilots of that time that said they were flabbergasted in later years to learn that Roselli was actually a mob chief, because he came in then, and they only knew him as Colonel Roselli.

G ? It is strange, I also talked to the son of the late Joe Bonanno and uh ..

Z ? Bill Bonanno!

G ? Yes, and he claims that, you know, that his father had a lot of information.

Z ? Well, Roselli supposedly confessed to him.

G ? Exactly!

Z ? To Bill Bonanno. And that?s an interesting thing, George, because people say ?Now wait a minute, how come nobody is talking about this if they did this, the mobsters did this?? That was on tonight! You know: ?How come these big mobsters did not?.?? This was not a mob hit, okay? The mob was utilized, but it was not a mob hit. Not everybody in the mob did know about this hit.

G ? So the question is, Zack and Jim, Why do in Kennedy? Why did they want him out? And who wanted him out?

J ? They didn?t care one way or another. They were simply mechanics.

G ? But I mean ...

J ? They were ordered to do a job and they did it.

G ? But who was ?they? that wanted this done?

J ? Okay, well, I can tell you this right now: In a criminal case, if you commit a murder and I do not report you but I know about it, or I had the weapon or something like that, I am an acomplice after the fact ??

G ? Yes, you are!

J ? And I can be executed for the murder although the evidence shows that I never pulled the trigger, right?

G ? Yep!

J ? Okay, therefore I can say with absolute certainty that in this case the guilty parties who could be convicted as accessories after the fact, are Lyndon B. Johnson and J. Edgar Hoover. Who were friends and both hated and feared the Kennedy?s, who feared their job loss because of the Kennedy?s and who both had been connected to organised crime elements ?? And the reason I can say this, is because I can prove that both of these men took steps to sidetrack the official investigation. They took steps that altered evidence and destroyed evidence, hid evidence, intimidated witnesses ?. and this, George, by the way, is what changes what otherwise would have been a Texas homicide, to a national coup d?etat!

G ? And they were afraid to let us all know about it.

J ? (chuckling) Well, you can?t let everybody know that there was a coup d?etat or they might realize they don?t live in a free country anymore ...

G ? And this was the country that?s supposed to be the freeest of the world .. and uh, if this had happened and this had been released, revealed, who knows what would have happened during those very tumultuous times?

There have been reports recently, a new book that claims that perhaps Lyndon Johnson was behind the assassination. Johnson?s family is outraged at that theory!... and uh, I wanted to get both of your quick take on that?

Z - Well, I can answer that?? We eh, I don?t think Jim has either, we don?t have definite information he called the shots, we don?t have definite information that he was even involved. We do think that he was part of the cover-up, but I can says this: Guidance led me in different ways, and one of these was just by luck, I talked to this big money person in Texas that I asked ?Who killed JFK?? and his answer was LBJ. And I said Why? And he said: ?Well we were friends with his bagman? and I won?t mention the names, but the bagman told us personally that he used to go to New Orleans, Louisiana and picked up bags of cash and bring it to LBJ, from Carlos Marcello. And I said: ?Wow! Well, when was this? When he was president? Or Vice President??

?Oh I think it was when he was President!? I asked him to be filmed, just saying that one thing. And he picks up the phone and in front of me, calls the individual?s son, the guy was dead, and the son basically confirmed it. And that ?uh, George this whole thing is a big puzzle!

G - Yes!

J ? Yes, George, and let me say this: I don?t want everybody to think that just Lyndon Johnson was involved in this, or that it was just the democrats or whatever. I?m looking here at a book written by H.R Haldeman, who was ...

G ? He was one of Nixon?s men!

J ? Yes, one of Nixon?s boys, and here he writes , he says, if you all remember during Watergate the Nixon Tapes and all the focus over that: Nixon went to pay 2 million dollars to E. Howard Hunt, a CIA officer, who was leading and training the anti-Castro cubans, he (Nixon) said: ?Pay him the 2 million dollars! This could open up the whole Bay of Pigs thing! This could look bad for us, this could look bad for the CIA!? And in Haldeman?s book, he says that it seems that in all these Nixon references to the Bay of Pigs, he was actually referring to the Kennedy assassination!

G ? Zack Shelton and Jim Marrs, my guests, their websites by the way ?.. Jim?s website hooked up with Coast to Coast, there you will see the books that he has written?. Both of you; Thanks! And uh ? Will we ever get to bottom of it?

J ? We?re working on it!

G ? All right, Thanks Zack, Thanks Jim, I appreciate it!


The last seconds of life

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