November 22, 1963
Dallas, Texas
In less than
a second,
America died.


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"If you shut up the truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way."

- French author Emile Zola

"Treason does never prosper.
What's the reason?
When it prospers,
None dare call it treason."

Sir John Harrington

Wim on Jay Edward Epstein

(2) John R. Stockwell published his critique of the James Files Story on 23rd January, 1997.

A colorful part of his story is how he fired one shot with his Fireball, took the cartridge out, bit down on it, and then left it on the fence railing. There are several unresolved problems with this. First, John Rademacher found 2 Fireball cartridges, not just one. Second, Files did apparently own a Fireball.... but the serial numbers clearly indicated that it's manufacture substantially post-dated the assassination. And finally, Joe West was conferring closely with Rademacher a year before he discovered and met Files. He and I had talked about the practicality of using a Fireball for a shot from the fence (first postulated by Josiah Thompson). Joe had photographs of the dented cartridge when he went to visit Files in prison.


Let's say I say you are a child molestor......... You know it's a lie. I know it's a lie. But what does it do with you? First of all you won't like the accusation, secondly you will feel an urge to debunk and disprove the accusation. Thirdly, that will put you in defense mode. And whatever you will say, it will be difficult to disprove it. Some people may even believe that smoke originates from fire. You see? That's how disinformation works!

It is a shame that no matter what lies someone puts out, some of the mud will stick and you'll find yourself wasting time on debunking the lies.

Joe West never brought pictures of the shell casings to James Files. It's a lie. But even if Joe did, it does not change anything because nobody knew there was a human teethmark on one of them.... until James Files said so. The teethmark was confirmed to be a teethmark AFTER Files said so.

Secondly, I have BOTH the shell casings and they do NOT have serial numbers on them. How does Stockwell know the serial number of the XP-100 that Files used to kill JFK? Does he have the weapon? Then please let him contact me!

Thirdly, there is NO problem with the fact that TWO shell casings were found on Dealey Plaza. Jimmy does simply not have an explanation for the other one. Only for HIS one. Which in fact makes his veracity stronger, for if he were a hoax he would have "concocted" an explanation for TWO casings, not one.

Fourthly, Josiah Thompson never mentioned a Remington Fireball XP-100. He theorised that the grassy knoll shot may have come from a "long barreled pistol". This was in 1967 in a Time article!

CIA assets like Stockwell and Epstein want to allege a conspiracy in the "creation" of the Files story, bigger than the JFK conspiracy itself, with numerous people involved (West, Rademacher, Vernon, Shelton, Dankbaar, etc).

Fifthly, they are never available for comments. Stockwell has dissapeared and Epstein was called just 2 months ago by the people making the Dutch program on James Files. After all, they are good journalists adhering to the principle to investigate the "other side". So Epstein was given an opportunity to spew his comments. I had been so helpful to give them Epstein's telephone number. The conversation was very short: "Is this about Files? I don't want to talk about it." Click - beep beep.

Why does the James Files story produce such an emotional non-response from Epstein? Why, if in fact he "disproved" the Files confession? Why does he avoid comments if it were so easy to prove his claims? Or is he afraid his lies will be exposed?

Let me tell you something else about the honorable professor. He was not only the last man to interview George Demohrenschildt one day before George committed "suicide", and one day before Demohrenschildt was located by the House Select Committee for questioning. How did Epstein know this? With no visible connection to the HSCA?

Not only was he the man who killed the NBC program on James Files in 1995, but also was he the reporter (whose name was redacted) in the 1977 letter of Billy Joe Lord to president Jimmy Carter.

He was the reporter who harrassed and urged Lord, former shipmate of Lee Harvey Oswald, to tell him what he knew about Oswald. And if Lord would not, then pressure of higher people, like George Bush junior, would be applied! That reporter was J. Edward Epstein, and it led to an official FBI complaint from Lord against Epstein. Again, Epstein's name is redacted out in that complaint. This information is virtually unknown among JFK researchers.

What does Epstein have to do with people that knew Lee Harvey Oswald at the exact same time that the HSCA is trying to find them? How does Epstein know this? And how is he able to beat the HSCA in locating them?

The implication is clear: Epstein is CIA, disinfo and damage control.


PS: The letter of Lord can be found here:

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

George W. Bush does not want to talk about the issues set out in the next few paragraphs. Why he was working with Lee Harvey Oswald's roommate Billy Joe Lord at the same company. Lord was threaten by Edward Jay Epstein and his writers said that if he didn't cooperate they would go to his boss George W. Bush, Epstein was the last person to interview de Mohrenschildt before he committed suicide. Bush's cousins, the Walker's have been one of the largest Wall Street securities firms since the beginning of the 1900s. Which gives new meaning to the T.V. series Texas Walker Ranger.

GEORGE BUSH JR. indirectly in 1976 employed Billy Joe Lord, who was Lee Harvey Oswald's roommate on the ship in 1959 when Oswald defected to the Soviet Union. Lord filed an affidavit with the FBI against Edward Jay Epstein the last person to interview de Mohrenschildt. Epstein's writers threaten Lord to go to his employer, George Bush Jr. hinting that his father was CIA Director. Epstein's good friend is Bill Clinton's personal adviser, Sidney Bluemthal. (See Astrix * for more on Billy Joe Lord).

For FBI document filed March 15,1977, two weeks before Readers Digest's writer Edward Jay Epstein visited George de Mohrenschildt. This document ties both George W. Bush and his father to de Mohrenschildt's suicide and ties Jr. to Oswald's 1959 roommate Billy Joe Lord when Oswald defected to Soviet Union. Click here for FBI complaint against Edward Jay Epstein, page one.

Click here for FBI complaint against Edward Jay Epstein, page two last person to meet with de Mohrenschildt.

Click here for FBI complaint by Billy Joe Lord against Edward Jay Epstein and Henry Hurt, page three last person to meet with de Mohrenschildt.


PS2: Paul, Bruce is mentioned in the introduction of my book, and I have many letters were James Files writes about Bruce, wherein he confirms that Bruce is his best living friend. They are just not in the book. Jimmy and Bruce know each other since 1968 from Martial Arts school. I am sure Bruce is going to comment further to you, but Bruce is convinced as Jimmy, that the government will never put him on trial for JFK, for all their own involvement would come out. Epstein's interference should already give you that hint.

The last seconds of life

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