November 22, 1963
Dallas, Texas
In less than
a second,
America died.


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"If you shut up the truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way."

- French author Emile Zola

"Treason does never prosper.
What's the reason?
When it prospers,
None dare call it treason."

Sir John Harrington


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UPDATE from Bob Vernon: FEB 9, 2002

Today, 2/9/02, I was cleaning out an old cabinet and found a metal production clipboard that I used when we were working with dick clark productions. In the metal case was a fax sent to me by retired CIA case officer John Stockwell on April 27, 1995. The document is on Stockwell's letterhead and was faxed to me at Dick Clark's office. Mr. Clark's attorney also has this document in their corporate files. In paragraph 4 of page 1 (highlighted in the attached Acrobat file) Mr. Stockwell states, and I quote, "However, Files has never attempted to exaggerate his knowledge of the assassination." You can read or download the document for yourself right here.

Known CIA funded think tank member John McAdams and former CIA case officer John R. Stockwell have had the lies addressed herein posted in public view for several years. I have been confronted with these lies time and time again by folks wanting to know the truth. I have replied to the fabrications, outright lies and disinformation many times yet CIA asset McAdams, showing no responsibility to the truth whatsoever, has failed to post my responses so that readers may judge for themselves.
As long as men with shoddy characters such as these are allowed to manipulate the thoughts of honest Americans, and particularly the minds of youth, this country will remain controlled by the powers of covert operations that have assassinated world leaders, including a US President, smuggled arms and weapons, toppled foreign governments for their own personal gain, and been involved in drug traffic throughout the world.
It is time that the truth be addressed so that readers may clearly see and understand how CIA disinformation works.
My responses are honest and based on fact and I will be happy to put them in a sworn affidavit and notarized anywhere, any time.
My responses are in bigger fonts.
Bob Vernon

From jmcadams@primenet.com Mon Jan 27 13:12:53 CST 1997 Article: 5563 of alt.conspiracy.jfk.moderated Path: news.primenet.com!jmcadams From: jmcadams@primenet.com (John McAdams) Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy.jfk.moderated Subject: Stockwell Critique of Files - 1 Date: 23 Jan 1997 21:12:19 -0700 Organization: PrimeNet Lines: 139 Approved: jmcadams@primenet.com Message-ID: <5c9cr3$t90@nnrp1.news.primenet.com> X-Posted-By: jmcadams@ (jmcadams) Xref: news.primenet.com alt.conspiracy.jfk.moderated:5563
I have understood for several years that the Files story was being marketed in part in my name.

BV: I was amazed to see this sentence again, particularly, since it had two words added to it from the original post several years ago. The 2 added words are "in part". In one of my responses to this blatant disinformation that I posted on a JFK news group, I pointed out that NEVER was this story marketed in Stockwell's name to anyone, at any time. Evidently, McAdams or Stockwell, or both changed the sentence to read "in part". It is still a lie. Stockwell has NEVER been a part of the reason this story was marketed nor has his name been used to anyone to market the story. His Blue, Texas ballistics test were shown to the public. These tests, IF Stockwell is telling the truth about them, indicate that JFK's head could well have responded in the way the Zapruder films shows as a result of a mercury loaded bullet.

As Joe West's researcher and designated biographer, I was able to follow his investigation of the JFK assassination fairly intimately.

BV: John was originally to write the book on Joe's investigation. After Joe died, Joe's widow chose Jim Marrs. So be it. Joe had many researchers of which Stockwell was one, a minor one.

When he died, my relationship continued with the producer, Bob Vernon, his heirs appointed to try to promote the story into a multi-faceted, multi-million dollar TV/Film/book/video project. My role in this project was more than a little awkward. I understand that both West and Vernon cited me many dozens of times (especially Vernon is a rather compulsive "faxer") in their efforts to promote their Files story to prominent media figures ranging from 60 Minutes to the LA Times, via virtually every prominent Hollywood, New York, Chicago, and Canadian producer. HOWEVER, I almost never had the opportunity to clarify to those parties my own reading of their research and of the Files story. And I had considerable doubts throughout of both. Nor could I just publish a disclaimer. Who would have come to the press conference? Or read the story? At the same time, I thought I would eventually have my say through the book that both Joe and his heirs authorized me to write.

Stockwell and Joe West talked about doing a book. After Joe died, and Stockwell wasn't even at the funeral (mor to come on that), West's widow chose Marrs due to the fact that Stockwell's writing were CENSORED BY THE CIA. This speaks volumes for the veracity of whatever Stockwell writes...it's all "CIA Approved."

Candidly told, my book would, I believe, have been a good read, about the colorful Joe West and about the culture of the assassination research community. Now, however, they are proceeding to publish. The video of Jimmy Files's "confession" has been available through Blockbuster Video for some months. And Dick Clark bought (financially and apparently intellectually--Clark and his staff are entertainment people, not, alas, historians or researchers) the story and placed it with MPI of Chicago. The last I heard, MPI had contracted with veteran producer (tho assassination novice) Tony Potter to do a feature which they hoped will sell (in February, 1997?) to one of the networks. AND, Vernon engaged another, considerably less critical writer.... So the web would seem to be my best source to "publish" my observations about this story. For the past 5 years Joe West and then Bob Vernon (representing Joe West's heirs) have been trying to market Jimmy Files as the shooter behind the fence on the grassy knoll.Meanwhile, to generate interest, they have extensively shopped at least the essence of the story to numerous parties. In the interests of my own reputation, now that they have published, I've decided to discuss my notes, observations, and reactions. (As always, I have no problem whatsoever with others reaching diametrically opposite conclusions.) I do note that, when Dick Clark first sent his producer, Barry Adelman, to Houston to review the "evidence," Joe West had me there, and cited me. I presumed Adelman would at some point sit down and talk to me about it. He didn't. Concerned, I wrote him, suggesting we meet. He didn't answer. When I was in L.A., I telephoned repeatedly, suggesting lunch. He did not reply. This was highly curious, for he had no expertise whatsoever in the Kennedy assassination and was allowing himself to be led.... investing investing hi boss's money and reputation in this story.... on the basis of Joe West's "pitch" and Bob Vernon's promotion. A remotely serious researcher or producer would surely have talked to everyone involved in the story.... and checked it with yet others. I came away with the impression that Adelman was deeply impressed with Vernon and least to the point of "buying" his story tenaciously for 4 years.... this may in itself be interesting.... others who met Joe West and/or Bob Vernon found them less credible. Many who were involved with Joe in the early 90's came away with serious misgivings about his integrity as a researcher. He energetically hawked the Roscoe White story and the Geneva White forgeries--until the Texas Monthly called him a "buffoon."

Joe West debunked the Roscoe White story. We have it, in writing, from former Beaumont Enterprise investigative reporter Steve Brewer.

He held press conferences in which he presented the "Black Ace," "Hugh" as involved with Jack Ruby in the assassination. In time Hugh was thoroughly discredited, to the point that Joe himself completely dropped contact with him. I probably got to know Joe West as well as anyone in the community. I found him delightful in the way an old Mississippi riverboat gambler (Maverick, played by James Garner in a movie) would have been interesting. He was brilliant, could be charming, could also be infuriating. Great fun to be around. But there was no doubt, he would shaft even a friend without blinking an eye. A former Baptist preacher, Joe was given to sometimes irresistible needs to speak out. He kept me around in his investigations as a sort of sea anchor--I'm reasonably well-read about the assassination and (after some over-eagerness in early years) essentially cautious in jumping to "solutions." I.e., I was a free consultant.... And I had a verbal and written agreement with Joe and then with his heirs to write his eventual story. (Had I been given a free hand that book might have been an exceptional good read, trying to capture the essence of a true Texas "character" as he pursued one of the state's most famous mysteries, including his foible, mistakes, conflicts, successes, humiliations, infuriating people (until at one point Larry Howard was talking openly and soberly of killing him). For a couple of decades Joe had been a Baptist preacher. Then he got into fundraising for church activities (Jerry FAlwall, Jimmy Bakker, etc al).; then he retired to become a private investigator. While we were investigating the JFK assassination, he set the wheels in motion that eventually got Jimmy Bakker's sentence reduced from 47 years to whatever (didn't he actually serve 4?). One morning Bob Vernon and I convened at Joe's house in Houston (where the wall heading upstairs held 46 photographs of Joe West and 6 of his children) to discuss the Jimmy Files material.

Joe had pictures of him and his family hanging on the wall in his home. What's strange about that?

Joe greeted us graciously, as always, but with the bad news that he was going to buy a million-dollar house down on the coast... we would have to drive a couple of hours further to see him.... but he was picking up a nice boat and we could at least have our meetings in great comfort out on the Gulf. He kept this story going for the entire day.... But when he died just a couple of months later, it was in a large communal room in the county hospital, without the resources to cover the bills. He had entertained us with what apparently was a little harmless practice con. He was in fact intensely motived in his last years to hit a financial home run.... While he acted and talked like he had some millions. On occasion he would wear what looked like a pound or so of gold rings, watches, necklaces, and stones. I asked him about it once and he chuckled that yeah, every time he wore it all somebody sued him.

Joe never bragged or flaunted any wealth to me.

During Barry Adelman's visit to tape an interview of Hugh, it caused some hard feelings. Adelman thought Joe ought to pay for the hotel rooms since it was his story. Joe adamantly refused. Adelman groused, noting Joe's jewelry and obvious wealth. But after Joe died, one of his best friends told us that the entire set (of fake gold) cost a couple of hundred: "Yeah, Joe and I bought ourselves each a set.... had a lot of fun with it." Joe stipulated in his will, and his heirs honored his request, that the stone at his grave should read, "Beneath this hump lies Joe West's rump. At the sound of the trump he's going to jump."

Joe West was not supposed to pay for Hugh's room. This was a production expense.The saying on the tombstone is exactly what Joe asked for and his family put it there. So what?

A true Texas character! Next: Part II, The West/Vernon Jimmy Files Story.

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