November 22, 1963
Dallas, Texas
In less than
a second,
America died.


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"If you shut up the truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way."

- French author Emile Zola

"Treason does never prosper.
What's the reason?
When it prospers,
None dare call it treason."

Sir John Harrington

The Headshots

Note that JFK's head moves forward first. This movement is not visible at normal speed with the naked eye. It is with the speed of a bullet, just a fraction of a second from the impact of a bullet that hits JFK in the back of the head. Then the head moves violently back and to the left from the impact of another bullet from the front in the right temple.

From the confession of James Files 1994: "When I got to the point where I thought it would be the last field of fire, I had zeroed in to the left side of the head there that I had because if I wait any longer then Jacqueline Kennedy would have been in the line of fire and I had been instructed for nothing to happen to her and at that moment I figured this is my last chance for a shot and he had still not been hit in the head. So, as I fired that round, Mr. Nicoletti and I fired approximately at the same time as the head started forward then it went backward. I would have to say that his shell struck approximately 1000th of a second ahead of mine maybe but that what's started pushing the head forward which caused me to miss from the left eye and I came in on the left side of the temple."

From the confession of James Files 2003:

J - where were you aiming?

JF - Oh, I was aiming for his right eye, which to me is the left side of his head looking head on. But for him it would be his right eye, and when I pulled the trigger, and I'm right in on it, and it's almost like looking 6 feet away through the scope. As I squeezed, take off my round, his head moved forward, I missed and I come in right along the temple. Just right behind the eye.

J - Here or in the hairline?

JF - Well, I'm not sure, you know I can't see the penetration, I know I hit him right here (pointing at temple). I know I hit behind the eye. Somewhere within a half inch diameter right there (pointing again).

W - So there were actually two shots almost simultaneously?

J - You think he got hit as you squeezed?

JF - What I believe is this : ….. And I got my readings as a marksman, I'm a good shooter, always was, I'm not bragging on my stuff, don't get me wrong, but that's what got me my start with David Phillips. Because of something that I did in the service, and I made a mark there and it's on record and it's recorded, for headshots, for what I did, and the things that I did. But anyway, to make a long story short, as I am preparing to squeeze off my round, Kennedy's head moved forward, just as I squeezed. It was already in process, the head started forward. To me … what I believe is, … and I did not see, let me clear the fact now, I never saw Mr. Nicoletti shoot Kennedy, but I know he was the man in the Daltex building, the man supposed to be doing the shooting. Therefore the head started forward and as far as I am concerned Mr Nicoletti hit him at that point. As I squeezed off my round, the head started forward, I hit it and blew the head backwards.
Former warden of Joliet prison Tony Godinez comments on James Files.

Former warden Tony Godinez of Staville prison, Illinois, where James Files is incarcerated for attempted murder of a police officer. Godinez has interviewed James Files more than anyone else. He has found his story about JFK meticulously detailed and consistent over the years, and he has never been able to catch Files in a lie or fabrication, no matter how hard he tried. He tells that James Files never bragged about the JFK assassination, and that the only emotion that Files displayed about it, was frustration that he missed his target by a few inches as he was aiming for Kennedy's right eye. Godinez states that Files was well respected in prison, that he had no fear for other inmates, most of whom are black, but that he requested to be in protective custody. Asked for the reason, Files explained he felt safer that way from retaliation by a government agency.

JFK's Press Secretary Malcolm Kilduff indicating on 11/22/1963 how the fatal shot was inflicted.


Dennis David, who saw JFK's wounds on autopsy photos, indicates where he saw an entry wound.

James Files, confessed assassin of JFK, indicates where he hit JFK.
Houston Chronicle coverage,
Published Nov. 22, 1963:

Dr. Kemp Clark, neurosurgeon, said:
"I was called because the President had sustained a brain injury."
"It was apparent the President had sustained a lethal wound," Dr. Clark said.
"A missile had gone in and out of the back of his head, causing extensive lacerations and loss of brain tissue. Shortly after I arrived, the President's heart stopped. We attempted resuscitation, initiating closed chest heart massage, but to no avail.
"We were able to obtain a palpable pulse by this method but again to no avail.
President Kennedy died on the emergency table after 20 minutes.
To view more accounts of witnesses who saw the location of the headwound Click here.
The debris exiting from the back of JFK's head is traveling too fast to be captured in the 18 frame per second Zapruder film. But in a frame of the Nix film you can clearly see how the back of his his head is blown out.

For those who wonder about the debris pattern at the right front of JFK's head, the pictures hereunder illustrate how the debris patterns behave at the impact of a bullet.

With thanks to Ian Kerr and Bill Miller for providing these pictures.
See also this video clip (Quicktime) of Lee Bowers Click here.
Mark Lane: Mr Bowers, how many shots did you hear?

Lee Bowers: There were three shots and these were spaced with one shot, then a pause and then two shots in very close order, such as perhaps (knocking on table) knock ..... knock-knock. Almost on top of each other, while there was some pause between the first and the second shots.

Lane: Did you tell that to the Dallas Police?

Bowers: Yes, I told this to the police and then also told it to the FBI, and also I had a discussion two or three days later with them concerning this, and they made no comment other than the fact that when stated that I felt like the third and the second and third shot could not have been fired from the same rifle, they reminded me that I was not an expert. And I had to agree (Bowers smiles sourly).

(Lee Bowers died in 1966 in a mysterious car crash without witnesses on a lone Texas country road)
See also this video clip (Quicktime) analyzing the headshots Click here.
See also this video clip (Windows media) of Dealey Plaza witness Bill Newman Click here.

The last seconds of life

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