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"If you shut up the truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way."

- French author Emile Zola

"Treason does never prosper.
What's the reason?
When it prospers,
None dare call it treason."

Sir John Harrington

Who is John McAdams?

Who is Mcadams, CIA disinformation asset, or just plain Crackpot?
Since Mcadams is known to use the alias "Paul Nolan" just how many other names has he used to deceive?
He claims to be many things. A jet-propulsion expert... or Crackpot? Here is what was discovered...


Frequently Asked Quuestions regarding John Mcadams / aka Paul Nolan
By Jim Hargrove
Back To The mcadams FAQ MAIN Page
This FAQ info seems to have prematurely disappeared from DejaNews, but after considerable searching on my old hard drive, here, by popular demand, is the "Official John MacAdams FAQ," first posted on Usenet way back in 1995 by a wonderful Englishman named Bill MacDowall. Bill made "John Locke" (an earlier and even meaner version of "Amythest") stop smearing people on this newsgroup forever by using well-paid lawyers, who for once served a reasonably worthy cause.
This FAQ exists to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about John McAdams.
This FAQ will be posted regularly to forewarn new users of the dangers of becoming another McAdams victim.
1. Who is John McAdams? John McAdams is a professor of political science employed in the Jesuit Marquette University.
2. Is John McAdams hell-bent on destroying the (alt.conspiracy.jfk) newsgroup? Sadly yes. His own words appended below summarize his intentions better than I could.
From Sat Feb 15 05:17:02 1997
Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy.jfk
Subject: Re: Blown back by shot
From: (John McAdams)
Date: 14 Feb 1997 22:17:02 -0700

You buffs have been cooperating marvelously with my scheme to make this group a shambles. And you know the bizarre part? My scheme is not a secret.
I have publicly announced it.
I have made it perfectly obvious.
I have rubbed you buffs' noses in it.
It's blatantly obviously to everybody.


This recent post by McAdams should be viewed in terms of the Charter he submitted as part of the process of forming the moderated JFK group:


This group will be for the purpose of providing an area for serious discussion and research of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The group will be moderated to prevent the noise and chronic personal attacks which have plagued alt.conspiracy.jfk and made it nearly useless as a vehicle for intelligent research. Questions surrounding JFK's death have made this one of the most talked about and controversial issues of our generation. This will be the one usenet group which deals seriously with this important topic.

One supposes that since the noise and chronic personal attacks which have plagued the alt.conspiracy.jfk group were and are part of McAdams freely admitted plans to turn the group into a shambles, the moderated group can only be seen as his personal vehicle for selective manipulation of content.

3. Is McAdams connected to the CIA?

Many people have suggested he is and it would not be difficult to imagine how useful a professor of political science at a respected university would be as a CIA asset. It is impossible to know if McAdams has "company" links but his background and behavior may shed some light.

The following is a quote from a letter written by McAdams to the Milwaukee Sentinel Newspaper:

(Dr) Gary Aguilar accused me on the politics forum of being A CIA sponsored disinformationist because I was once the Marquette Official representative of the I.C.P.S.R. an utterly unspooky social science data archive.

The article below throws some light on just how "un-spooky" the ICPSR actually is:

Not being widely known outside its narrow area of research the ICPSR may not register with most people, but if you are familiar with intelligence and covert action, you will recognize that some of their "classes" deal in "nation building" concept, which is what the interventionists call it when they set up a puppet government through subversion of the existing institutions of said nation.

The ICPSR is housed in the Institute for Social Research, or ISR which itself has been documented has recipient of spook research grants.

This is a repost of something Lisa Pease posted a while back that elaborates on these spook research grants and also contains Mcadams' admission, if not boast, that he was at one time "official representative" to ICPSR.

They have a web page, so you can check it out for yourself. You may notice studies on assassinations and the courses on the "formation of elites" in Chile etc..

The URL is:

Of course, McAdams may or may not be connected with the CIA, you pay your money and take your chance in dealing with him.

CIA infiltrating as Teachers ?

Search for "Marquette University & the CIA" on any search engine a see what comes up... Here's a small sample of what I found

CIA Sends Agents To Schools -- To Teach ... Floyd L. Paseman, who ran the CIA's East Asian operations and is now on a two-year teaching stint at Marquette University in Milwaukee, draws similar plaudits ... - 14k - Cached - Similar pages

CIA Officer in Residence Program ... according to Carlos D. Davis, deputy director of the CIA's ... of Southern California,the University of Maryland, New Mexico State University, Marquette ... - Similar pages

Center for Studies of Intelligence: Educational Outreach ... Since the program started in 1985, CIA has ... University of South Carolina, University of Oregon, University of Kentucky, Texas A&M, Marquette ... - 6k - Cached - Similar pages


... American University, US Naval Academy, US Naval War College, Ohio State University, Marquette University ? New Information Services Governance Process: CIA?s ... dci_annual_report_99_22.html - 17k - Cached - Similar pages [ More results from ]

Marquette University - Chris Sloane

... For more on the trebuchet, visit http://www.marquette ... Future plans: PhD program in Physics at the University ... working in industry or government — maybe the CIA. ... - 23k - Cached - Similar pages [ More results from ]

4. Has McAdams any track record in covert-type activity?

It seems he has!

John McAdams attended the 1995 Copa Conference using the assumed name Paul Nolan. More than that, he also fabricated a background to go with the name in that he purported himself to be a jet-propulsion expert and some-time computer store owner from Sherwood, Wisconsin. In that guise, he was quoted in an article in the Washington press by journalist Matt Labash. Mr. Labash later confirmed that McAdams had duped him. Mr. Labash had quoted Paul (McAdams) Nolan in good faith whilst in fact McAdams was lying through his teeth.

McAdams later claimed he had used an assumed name to avoid contact with users of the alt.conspiracy group who may have been attending the conference. With McAdams record of willfully abusing users of the group, this story might seem plausible but going to trouble of inventing a detailed cover story and lying to the press have more sinister overtones.

5. Has McAdams accused other group users of pedophilia and drug abuse?

He most certainly has!

In 1997 McAdams openly accused one Stuart Lyster of having served time in prison for child abuse and accused Dr Gary Aguilar of being a drug addict.

In the light of McAdams behavior in the group and his other activities such as at the Copa Conference, Stuart Lyster asked McAdams explain his motives in using this group and in return posted the following offensive reply:

From: (John McAdams)

Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy.jfk

Subject: Re: A cornered rat turns vicious

Date: 12 Sep 1995 13:04:53 GMT

Organization: Marquette University - Computer Services

In article <, (Stuart Lyster) writes:

And .John refuses to discuss how he uses this newsgroup for profit. So, .John, are you ready to discuss your *REAL* use of this newsgroup and why you are here, and....

Stuart, you've first got to address charges that you are a pedophile who has served time in jail for molesting young children. I'm going to keep after you on this until you respond.


This reply earned McAdams coverage in the Milwaukee Sentinal newspaper:

By Tom Vanden Brook of the Journal Sentinel staff


A Marquette University professor who hurled profane insults across the Internet - including accusations of drug use and pedophilia - has been chastised by university officials, has annoyed people across the country, and has sparked a small, intense debate on etiquette in cyberspace.

John McAdams, a political science professor who teaches a course on the Kennedy assassination and has created a home page on the World Wide Web devoted to the topic, admitted to using blue prose in computer correspondence.

But he defended himself by saying he was responding in kind to people he says are viciously critical of his views on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. "The Internet used to be a reasonable place to discuss the Kennedy assassination," McAdams said. "Now, it's a complete 'flamefest'."

"Flaming," in Internet circles, refers to diatribes aimed at those with differing viewpoints. McAdams is a vocal opponent of academics and others who ascribe to various conspiracy theories concerning the assassination.

Last fall, participants in an assassination discussion group complained to the Roman Catholic university about McAdams' profane references to them on computer bulletin boards. Gary Aguilar, a San Francisco surgeon, said he contacted MU after McAdams asked him to respond to charges that he had used drugs. Aguilar vehemently denies using drugs.

"He's extremely mean-spirited," Aguilar said. "What academic purpose can be served by calling people these names? I find it peculiar in the extreme that a professor at Marquette University, a Catholic institution, would do this."

In response to these criticisms McAdams said:

"I refuse to be driven off the Internet by abuse or attacks," McAdams said. "If I called somebody a bimbo, it's in reaction. I refuse to be bound by any notion of political correctness."

Of course McAdams didn't call anyone a "bimbo" which is hardly a description calculated to fuel anger. What he did do is make allegations of child abuse and drug taking which is quite different.

McAdams has made repeated claims that he did not accuse Stuart Lyster of child abuse, merely asked him to address allegations.... readers will recognize semantics when they encounter them.

Subsequently, McAdams claimed Stuart Lyster had apologized to him and was not making an issue out of the pedophilia slurs.

To date, despite repeated requests, McAdams has been unable to post this alleged apology. McAdams protestations of not actually having called Stuart Lyster a pedophile fails to square with an article written by Heather Anichini in Marquette University's own newspaper:

In condemning Vanden Brook’s ‘unfair’ assessment of him, McAdams wrote that his school paper, the Marquette Tribune, had produced a very fair story. In that story, written by Heather Anichini and printed on 10/17/95, McAdams claimed he had only called someone a pedophile in response to that correspondent’s accusing me (McAdams) of using the group to write a book....

McAdams explained his actions in the Tribune saying, I was attempting to show the ridiculousness of such claims. ONE DOES NOT MAKE SUCH STATEMENT WITHOUT FOUNDATION. (emphasis added).

The man later wrote and apologized (as noted above, no proof of this alleged apology has ever been offered by McAdams...perhaps he doesn't know how to fake email)

So McAdams, in order to illuminate the inadvisability making charges without having a foundation, made himself the unfounded, and decidedly more mean-spirited, charge of pedophilia!

The purpose of this FAQ is to address the McAdams problem facing this group and provide some insight for new users to the group of what is actually behind the flame wars being carried out by McAdams and a few of his associates.

Van:Robert Harris (
Datum:2003-09-30 12:32:52 PST
Just to set the record straight:

McAdams did indeed, make comments that were intended to imply that Aguilar was a drug addict. IMO, they were deliberate, malicious and intended to smear the doctor.

His statements about destroying this newsgroup, as well as those about "pedophillia", were very obviously, sarcastic and not meant to be taken seriously.

As for a CIA affiliation, I would bet the ranch on it, although he is probably not an employee.

But none of those things are what is important here, or even comes close to defining what makes him the despicable slug that he is.

McAdams' real crime is that he is a professional propagandist, who has positioned his website to become *THE* primary source of information on the internet, about the JFK assassination.

As you probably know, that site is the greatest collection of lies and disinformation that has ever appeared in this case. McAdams has publicly stated that he will permit nothing to appear there that challenges his LN theory, or corrects factual errors in his or his lackey's "articles".

And he does all of that, knowing full well that JFK was the victim of multiple assassins.

Robert Harris

Van:Michael T. Griffith (
Datum:2001-01-15 13:46:14 PST

I have a little story to tell about McAdams' censorship. Last year I was engaged in a dialogue. My opponent repeatedly resorted to name-calling and personal insults. Finally, three or four replies later, I made one comment about my opponent that called his integrity into question. Incredibly, McAdams sent me an e-mail saying he would not post my reply unless I deleted the comment. In response, I noted to McAdams that he had allowed my opponent to make several far more egregious attacks on me. McAdams said nothing but merely repeated his position that he wouldn't post my reply unless I deleted the offending statement. Until then, I had dismissed reports of McAdams' censorship as overblown. Now I know better.

Visit my Real Issues Home Page, where you'll find web pages on the LDS Church, creation vs. evloution, American politics, and the JFK assassination:

Van:Martin Shackelford (
Onderwerp:John McAdams: A Few Tidbits for his "fans" here
Datum:2003-10-09 06:30:10 PST

Internet issues:

VILE TACTICS: During a JFK discussion, implied that one of his critics might be a child molester, and that another might be involved with drugs. Totally unrelated to the discussions, but a way of distracting attention from the issues.
SEARCH HOGGING: His website is designed to pop up first and often in search engine inquiries about JFK. One website review service described McAdams as the Matt Drudge of the JFK assassination.

PSEUDONYM: Attended 1995 COPA conference in Dallas as computer store owner Paul Nolan, and was interviewed by City Paper under that alias.

DOUBTFUL: Marquette University Associate Professor; PhD. Harvard University His official Marquette syllabus for his JFK course includes a link to his Judyth Baker attack page--the only name in that group linked to his website. I wonder if Marquette realizes they are "sponsoring" this attack.

DEATH PENALTY: Most pro death penalty websites include a McAdams quote. He managed to convince USA Today (1998) that he was an "unlikely defender" of the death penalty, though he was a propagandist for executions. He admits that blacks are more likely to be executed, but noting that blacks make up nearly half of all murder victims, he argues that eliminating the death penalty would be assign less value to black murder victims, "a subtle kind of racism." In other words, you are a racist if you don't support a death penalty that executes blacks disproportionately--in fact he argues for MORE executions of blacks. What a guy!! He admits that the death penalty doesn't work as a deterrent, then turns around and argues that it deters murders (same way he argues JFK issues). His "cost-benefit" argument is that the more murderers we execute, the more victims we spare. He happily informed ABC News that executions were becoming more popular. Comments like this led to a Catholic group, JusticeSeekers, to ask whether McAdams shouldn't resign from Marquette University, a Catholic institution, as a majority of Catholics opposed the death penalty.

DUBIOUS "RESEARCH":JFK researcher Stewart Galanor has exposed McAdams' manipulation data in his analysis of Dealey Plaza witnesses:

POLITICS: On Wisconson public radio discussions involving a liberal and a conservative, McAdams was one of the frequently tapped conservatives. In 1991, he received an award from the Dirksen Center. He is on the Board of Advisors of the Heartland Institute--but is not listed under ANY of the Institute's areas of expertise, unlike most Advisors. He has been cited as an opponent of campaign finance reform: Wrote a briefing paper against campaign finance reform for the conservative Cato Institute.

----- Original Message -----
From: Nathan Howland
Sent: Wednesday, November 07, 2007 4:13 PM
Subject: John McAdams

Hi there,

I wish I had seen some of your information about McAdams before going into 'his' Assassination Newsgroup.

I find this all quite an irony, as John's aims is to actually assassinate anything that draws a reasonably intelligent comment or questioning mind toward the mass of irregular and tampered with evidence reported by the 26 volumes of the Warren Commission's report. I suggest everyone shold keep a copy of this vital work in your toilets should have the emergency of running out toilet paper!

I had only joined the newsgroup for a few days, and have been quietly researching the events on that fateful day in Dealy Plaza for about 15 years. however, it took only 48 hours of questioning 'against the grain' of the Lee Oswald official line, for me to be set upon by John's abusive, and patronising lackies. He is msart enough not to do his own dirty work for fear of exposing himself.

In response, I defended my corner (without lowering myself to using abuse) by merely pointing out that the kind kindergarten behaviour being exhibited was not only very suprising from so-called adults, but was counterproductive to open investigative debate, especially given serious subject matter at hand. Also, if my humble theories were wrong (which is fine by me!), I requested that they please discuss show how any mistakes had been made in my research, as I was more than happy to keep an open mind about everything. I believe this to be true investigative debate. I believed it to be a mature arena for educated and inspiring analitical conversation ! A reasonable retort you might think, right??

Not in the slightest! To my 'reasonable' response I was sent an email by McAdams stating that my reply had been censored and deleted, and that its (and I quote) "Rhetoric was too tough!" To me this comment only appeared to be a euphemism for "I am John McAdams, and quite often talk out of my backside!" A Professor of Politics, and so-called open mind in full view. He should know full well that we have a democratic right to free speech and comment. I wasn't using foul language or attacking anyone......unlike his little slave-hands. This was another direct seige on this fundamental right, for which he showed absolutely no remorse whatsoever!! Even when, later, it was brought to his attention there not a hint of regret. That in itself is deeply disturbing behaviour by someoneof his standing reputation. At this moment, I stood back, and looked in more depth at the newsgroup. I then realised this was a blatant and common manipulation of open, truthful, investigation and discussion that he not only support, but actively encouraged. Worryingly, there was a long history of this type of behaviour by McAdams and his 'helpers'. The tactics being used are very much akin to the bullying, rude, offensive, and exhaustive grinding tactics, often seen used by members of the head freaks of the Scientology fraternity.

John McAdams seems on a single-minded mission to completely gloss over the truth in the labyrinth of lies, avoidance, intimidation, foul play, and obstruction waged by the government for decades in the aftermath of the assassination of 35th President of the United States. I find it a complete disgrace! It is almost as if, in his role as teacher, he is carrying out some other agenda to at least ensure the truth is obscured and fudged from the new generations of younbg sparkling bright minds, who might carry on the torch of questioning this miscreant plot. He does this, manipulatively dictatorial in his position as Head Moderator to this group, standing with his 'surrogate bible', the Warren Commission Report, as he silences those voices and opinions he does not want heard any longer.

A man of his educated position should be shamed of his actions in this way. And there's me thinking we in a Democracy!?

Thank you for listening to me....and keep up the good work exposing this dictatorial idiot and his Munchkins!

In gratitude for all your efforts

Nathan Howland

The last seconds of life

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