November 22, 1963
Dallas, Texas
In less than
a second,
America died.


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"If you shut up the truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way."

- French author Emile Zola

"Treason does never prosper.
What's the reason?
When it prospers,
None dare call it treason."

Sir John Harrington

Chauncey Holt: Self-Portrait of a Scoundrel

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The testimony of Chauncey Marvin Holt

The story of a participant in the JFK assassination and many more covert CIA operations.

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What lies in front of you is the life story of Chauncey Marvin Holt. This autobiography is in my opinion by far the most revealing, eye opening book ever on the JFK assassination and more covert operations of the "secret government" of America. This promise may sound pompous, but I am pretty sure the reader will agree with me, well before turning the last page. As the person to make this story available to you, I would like to give you some introduction, also about myself, my drive and motives.

My name is Wim Dankbaar. I am a Dutch citizen, 51, born, raised and living in the Netherlands. I grew up in a middle class family with my parents and two sisters. My father was a doctor. My childhood was fortunate and free from major worries, as was my professional career, as is my current family with a lovely wife, son and daughter. As a youth my view of the United States was that everything was bigger and better. In fact my father taught me that America had a 10 year lead on Europe in terms of prosperity, technology, basically everything. It was also the ultimate example of freedom and democracy, including freedom of press and speech.

Of course I had heard of the Kennedy assassination but with my background of thoughts on America, I had no reason to presume anything else than that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone crazy assassin, as the official story asserted. I waved the conspiracy rumors away as unsubstantiated, dispelled myths. All this changed in 1988 when a television documentary "The men who killed Kennedy" was aired in the Netherlands. It was not so much the theory of Corsican gunmen laid out in the program, although compelling at the time, that triggered my interest. It was more the historical film fragments that ignited my fascination. Specifically a fragment of Jack Ruby, Oswald's assassin, wherein Ruby states in front of journalists, that men in powerful positions were behind the murder of Kennedy, that they will never let the truth be known and that Ruby himself was forced into a position to kill Lee Harvey Oswald. It was much later that I discovered another fragment where Ruby directly, not even covertly, implicates President Johnson as one of the main culprits. These fragments are now incorporated in my video productions like "Confessions from the Grassy Knoll" and can be found on Youtube under captions as "Jack Ruby about the conspiracy to kill JFK".

I wondered why these fragments were so unknown. Why I had never seen them before. Why they had never been shown to the public. After all, it means something when one of the major players in the tragedy, clearly hints at a conspiracy as high up as Kennedy's successor Lyndon Johnson. This was my first inkling that the official story might be a lie. The idea that the democratic US government, with its freedom of press, could lie about such a pivotal event in modern history, a drama only equaled by the 9/11 attacks, appalled and fascinated me at the same time. How perplexing is it to realize that government representatives and agencies like the CIA and FBI, supposedly to serve and protect the people, were actually working together with Organized Crime to remove an elected President? I set out to study the matter and devoured book after book. My quest lasts 25 years now and the more I read, the more I learned that Ruby wasn't hallucinating. I learned that the truth was being withheld from the public, with the use of the very media that I had always, in retrospect naively, marveled for their freedom of press.

At the beginning of my endeavor I had never dreamed I would actually find the truth, but I quickly lost my naive innocence. I learned that the US media are basically in the hands of only 5 big corporations that are used to "control" the public opinion. These big five are CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and CNN. These conglomerates will simply not disclose truths that would hurt their shareholders or embarrass the powers aligned with them. In fact, if they can no longer ignore these truths, they will use their assets to discredit the evidence, no matter how ironclad it is. The mainstream media will turn the lie into truth or the other way around, as most of their audience have not learned to think for themselves. For this reason the CIA has a vast budget for media infiltration, including an endless list of journalists on their payroll. After all, if you control public opinion, you control almost everything else. Meanwhile the doctrine that America has a free press is hammered down. Which is quite ingenious. After all, a slave will not revolt as long as he doesn't realize he is a slave.

A good example of such "damage control" is the book "Case Closed" by Gerald Posner, who I am sure is such a journalist on the secret payroll of the CIA. As a matter of fact Chauncey Holt wrote a letter to the San Diego Tribune shortly after the book came out in 1993. It is available on the Internet and can be found by googling for "Stampede of the apologists". Of course Chauncey's letter was never printed by the San Diego Tribune or any other mainstream media. It's a smashing letter, strongly recommended to look it up on the Internet.

Isn't it weird that the vast majority of Americans does not believe the Warren Report anymore, yet it remains the official government story on the JFK assassination? Does that rhyme with the principle of democracy where the people control their government? If you think about it, it is nothing less than contempt for the intellect of the American people. Richard Belzer, the actor of "Law and Order", who just released a great book called "Dead Wrong", summarized it quite accurately: "90% of the American people believe that JFK was murdered in a conspiracy. The other 10% work for the government or the media".

The fact of the matter is that JFK was removed in a coup d' etat, carried out a little more sophisticated than in the average banana republic. I always say that on november 22, 1963 the potential Kennedy dynasty, with Bobby and Ted waiting in the wings, was replaced by the Bush dynasty. This may sound odd, but few people know that the Bush family had tremendous influence over American politics even before the Kennedy presidency. Senator Prescott Bush for example, father of George Herbert Walker Bush, had made his fortune as a banker with Brown Brothers, Harriman, some of it by financing the war effort of Adolf Hitler. This is now all well documented. He was instrumental in convincing his golf mate Eisenhower to run for President and installing his minion "Tricky Dick" Nixon under him as Vice President. So Ike could stay playing golf, give a great speech when necessary, while the actual administration was run by Nixon under direction of the Bushes and friends, among them CIA director Allen Dulles and later president Gerald Ford, both Warren Commission members to "investigate" JFK's murder. This was much like the Reagan/Bush administration, of Iran Contra fame, was run two decades later. Had the Bushes had their way, Nixon would have succeeded Eisenhower. Were it not that Kennedy won that election. Quite surprisingly and with the narrowest margin in history. As the story goes because Kennedy had made a deal with Chicago crime boss Sam Giancana to get some votes his way in return for the broken promise to lay low on Organized Crime. In short, there is a lot more than meets the eye.

Hence I was hardly surprised when in the year 2000, I discovered on the Internet the very detailed confession of James Files, a mafia prisoner in Illinois, claiming that he fired the fatal headshot into JFK's temple from the infamous grassy knoll. I mean, I was hardly surprised that I had never heard of James Files, despite my then 12 year long study of the case. However, that long study had armed me with the ability to discern between real evidence and disinformation, with no shortage of the latter. That fact that I had never heard of James Files did actually enhance his credibility right away, maybe even before I started reading. After all, even if someone who confesses to have participated in the JFK assassination, is a kook telling a story for 15 minutes of fame, you would expect at least some publicity on the clown telling the story. Meanwhile I had of course learned that the truth is not publicized. If it is, it is usually to discredit the information. Which is exactly the case with James Files. In the little publicity there is, the authorities, including the FBI, have declared James Files "non credible", basically because it conflicts with the conclusions of the holy Warren Report. Meanwhile the evidence for his truthfulness continues to grow. Just last year the notorious CIA asset Luis Posada Carriles confirmed in a filmed interview that he worked with James Files on several covert CIA operations. He also admitted that he and his partner Orlando Bosch were in Dealey Plaza when Kennedy was killed. Exactly as Files and Chauncey Holt said. Actually the testimonies of Holt and Files reinforce each other in more than one way. Files for example tells he was acting on orders of his boss and mafia enforcer Charles Nicoletti, while Holt relates how he drove with Nicoletti to Dallas.

My discovery of James Files eventually led me to visit him in 2003 in Joliet Correctional Center, together with a cameraman and author Jim Marrs, to record a second interview. Something he had vowed never to do again, but we could ultimately persuade him due to circumstances which are too elaborate to explain here. It's all documented in my book and DVD "Files on JFK". Both of these are not bestsellers due to the total blackout in sponsoring publicity. Not because the content is not appreciated by the readers that manage to find it. In fact it is the best rated JFK assassination book on with a maximum 5 stars. Some of those readers ask me why they have not heard of the book before. I believe I have answered part of that question now. The naysayers are usually the more ignorant among us, not wanting to absorb the evidence, rather believing the media and authorities, like I did myself in a distant past. Some of these people argue that if the JFK assassination was such a huge conspiracy, lots of people would have talked and the conspiracy would have been exposed. Well, that is in fact exactly what happened. We are just not being told about it. Lee Harvey Oswald exclaimed at once he was "just a patsy". Numerous other witnesses and participants spilled the beans on the conspiracy, some of them paying with an untimely death. The list is endless but includes Jack Ruby, Rose Cheramie, David Morales, David Atlee Phillips, Charles Nicoletti, Sam Giancana, Charles Harrelson, Johnny Roselli, Carlos Marcello, Tosh Plumlee, E. Howard Hunt, Santos Trafficante, Luis Posada Carriles, David Ferrie, Dorothy Kilgallen, Lyndon Johnson to his mistress Madeleine Brown, Oswald's girl friend Judyth Vary Baker, and on and on. Last but not least, the grassy knoll gunman himself talked.

Others say that the JFK assassination happened too long ago to be of interest today. I disagree wholeheartedly and blame it on ignorance. I maintain that that the political landscape of today is a direct result of the assassination. A sitting, elected President was removed through a secret, illegal coup d'etat and the ones who committed the crime, seized power. At least 4 succeeding Presidents were in some capacity involved in the planning and/or cover-up of the murder. Lyndon Baines Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and George Herbert Walker Bush. It is therefore safe to say that George W. Bush, the most recent ex-President, also knows that JFK's death was a coup d'etat, a crime against the American system and thus its people.. The assassination may be some time ago, but the power structure built on it, is still at the helm today. Not so long ago at all. Besides, game changing events are never too long ago. As the late comedian Bill Hicks said: "If the Kennedy assassination is too long ago, then quit talking to me about Jesus."

Some people also ask me what motivates me to expose the facts of the Kennedy assassination. Well, I can't help it, but I still view telling the truth and putting the finger on the sore spots of corruption, as a noble, inspiring and rewarding task. Sometimes I realize it is peculiar that someone from Europe was able to disclose so much of the "crime of the century", that is foremost America's drama.. But I was able to do this because of determination, because I could build on the works of others and because with passing of time more people came forward to tell what they knew, especially in the autumn of their lives. It is a fact that the truth will be suppressed, but It is a myth that the truth will never be known.

All of the above is equally valid for the book that you are about to read. It comes at least 16 years late, as Chauncey Holt intended to publish it before his death in 1997. He just died sooner than he planned. There is an intriguing story from his daughter that his death was foul play too. He died of cancer, quite an aggressive one. His daughter believes it was inflicted on him when he went to hospital for a cataract procedure on his eyes. He was then diagnosed with ocular melanoma, which quickly spread to his liver and other organs.

It is a long story how I acquired the autobiography of Chauncey Holt. The short version is that his daughter offered it to settle a debt she had with me. In 2007 I had already purchased the video documentary, made a week before Chauncey's death, which he named "Spooks, Hoods & The Hidden Elite".That is still the title of the DVD available on my website, but my distributor Bruder Releasing decided to rename it to "Spooks, Hoods & JFK", under which title it is now available on and other places.

The manuscripts and documents I received was much more than I can present in this book. Thus I made a selection that I believe gives the best overview. Chauncey will take you on the journey of his fascinating life. You will discover his character and many talents, which includes the art of writing. You will get to know Chauncey as a man of flexible morals, yet with a conscience. You will become privy to many historic secrets. Just one of those is that he pulled the trigger in the "unsolved" murder of Bugsy Siegel. Among many other things, this book will show beyond any doubt that the JFK assassination was a conspiracy of many players, some of whom remained unknown until this day. With many documents in evidence that were never published before. You will be given an inside look on the preparations and cover-up of de coup d 'etat on 11/22/1963.

Wim Dankbaar, April 2013

Foreword by Chauncey Holt:

During my incarceration I began to write my memoirs. Over the intervening years they have been expanded upon and revised as situations changed. Much of what is contained in my memoirs can be verified i.e. the matter of the diversion of funds from the Bureau of Prisons. The American taxpayer is certainly entitled to be made aware of the careless way public officials handle l their money. Much of what I write about cannot be corroborated and must be deduced from the facts that are at hand.

Concerning the day in Dallas, I think that my face speaks for itself. I don't plan to spend much time trying to establish my bonafides to assassination buffs or anyone else for that matter. I am an old man, I have led a dangerous life, and never would have imagined that I, of all people, would live into my seventies. I am presently in fairly good health. I live a life of spartan simplicity and I still paint better than most.

My whole life has been spent in the shadows of anonymity, one of the reasons I have survived while many of my associates did not. As Lansky once said to me, "To be a successful criminal, you must be as unnoticed as wallpaper". The same could be said of intelligence agents. Once you come from the shadows into the sunlight, the game is over.

I have waited a long time to discuss some of these adventures, until the heat died down and the statutes of limitation expired. But even today, these subjects are still dangerous - I know. This story should be told for several reasons: A desire to set the record straight and inform the public of how recklessly their money is being squandered by those in positions of trust; to correct the record in regard to the bum raps certain parties received; to expose the fact that our criminal justice system is morally bankrupt; and to show how easily the secret agendas of the executive branch of the government become perverted.

I have made a concerted effort to see that this is not one more of self serving books and I offer no apologies for my actions although, of course, I have many regrets.

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