November 22, 1963
Dallas, Texas
In less than
a second,
America died.


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"If you shut up the truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way."

- French author Emile Zola

"Treason does never prosper.
What's the reason?
When it prospers,
None dare call it treason."

Sir John Harrington

Reviews of the interview with James Files

On this page we will post reviews of the november 19, 2003 interview with James Files.
To see the end of the interview in low quality (Realplayer required) Click here.
Review 1

I just received the Files interview , Monday.

It is both astounding and informative. I hate to use a cliche, but truth IS stranger than fiction. I have studied James Files for many years, and I find his statements to be highly accurate. This is the best interview of Files that I have ever seen. This is a "must see" for every serious student of the JFK Assassination! And you can quote me.

Review 2

From the interview I found him very credible, based on his body language and the way he gave the answers, that's my impression. I think the assasination went down just like Files said. But that is only based on what I saw and the feeling I got from watching it, so even if it turns out that Files was not in Dealey Plaza, I think the rest did happen as he told it, most probably.

Having watched it 2 times now, the things I found most remarkable

a) the velocity and "easyness" of his answers (critics may say he had enough time to prepare them, but I think he gave his answers that way from the beginning)

b) I found no moment were he seemed to be "afraid" or "surprised" about a question, like if he had to "construct" or look for an answer.

Review 3

Thank you for the dvd.
It was excellent.
I will write a review for you soon

Review 4

I would suggest that disk one has too big of a blank space right after Files mentions knowing Fletcher Prouty. I almost removed the disk which would have caused me to miss a lot of material. I find Files story to be very credible and much more convincing than the original video of 10 years ago. I have been researching the JFK case for 33 years.

Review 5

Having had the opportunity of watching the latest James Files interview on DVD, on more than one occassion over the last weeks, and initialy having very strong reservations about the man himself and what he had stated in the last 12 years about him being the person who took the last shot at JFK from behind the picket fence on top of the Grassy Knoll in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63, I can say now, without having the means of checking everything he stated in the latest interview, that he comes out of it credible to me, not by the information he gives, but the way he's talking about it in the interview.

But I can base this statement only on watching his behaviour during the interview, meaning his body language and the way he answers the questions by the persons interviewing him. I personaly could find no moment when I got the impression that he has to check anything in his mind, in order to not confuse things which he was about to say to get the story consistent.I found no moment of hesitation or of a blinking in his eyes so to say, and I could find no moment when I thought "now I caught him in a lie".

On the other hand I admit that I have no way of checking his statements in depth, and that is not the point in my review, it is solely about my impression, which may or may not turn out to be wrong in the future, but I am now willing to give him the benefit of a doubt, until the documents and wittnesses that do fully support his statements are presented to the public, or material and wittnesses surface, that show that he made up the full or part of the story.

I know fully that this is only my subjective impression, and it should be understood as such, but I stand by what I say until proven wrong.

That's as fair as I can be after seeing the interview.

Uwe Leybold

Review 6

Thank you for continuing this important work for Americans and the world!

I have watched the original tape numerous times, and I am always interested in James Files perspective on the assassination and also Files' interesting life. As a Catholic youth growing up with the first Catholic president, I was absolutely mesmerized by John Kennedy's rhetoric and persona. What I find interesting is that Files, despite many despicable actions of his life, relates events and perspectives with a truth and integrity that is so real. There is an honor and a code to his life that renders his explanations believable and astounding.

It's so surreal that a cover-up has just grown so vast and for so long, and a betrayal to our nation is so widespread. It verifies my mother's thoughts that we are indeed "only pawns" in this world doing our best and being manipulated by the elite in entrenched powerful positions. With each passing year the puzzle of the assassination is almost complete. I am anxiously awaiting the Files disc and hoping that it will enlighten us further because the puzzle is almost solved.
Thank you again.


The new DVD with current interview of James Files adds some interesting facts to the original James Files' tape that he made in the 90's. It has become known that the FBI knew of James link to the assassination as early as 1964 - yet he never was pursued by either the FBI or other law enforcement agencies. He names several people in the assassination area that day - from CIA, organized crime, and others which tells us that this crime was known by many people in government and organized crime for some time. The irony of CIA sending Johnny Rosselli to abort the assassination yet failing in the effort and even assisting in the crime. Did the CIA just want to give the appearance of aborting to distance itself? And the final reflections of James Files leaves the chilling hint of the President's killing, the reasons for the Viet Nam War, and sends questions and thoughts to us today about todays war! s and 911. It leaves the decision of what we are as a nation - Are we a nation of manipulated puppets being fed disinformation on all levels?


Review 7

I just got the it, watched it, loved it! I feel that this DVD is essential for everyone whether expert or novice on the assassination. It has great quality picture too. I think the reason for the James Files story being rejected by others in the research community is purely psychological. They just can't accept the idea of the grassy knoll shooter being found. I speak from first-hand experience: when I first went to, I was quite offended with the idea of the second shooter being discovered, and that such a gigantic subject has been "solved". It was too convenient, too good to be true. But those that think that have never seen this interview! The weight of the magic bullet isn't going to answer the question "Who shot JFK?" ...but James Files just might.

Review 8


America owes you! What a wonderful thing you did preparing this excellent DVD. The disc arrived yesterday evening, I had to teach until 10:00PM; so, I could watch only the first half of the story.

Thank you very much for making this available; we NEED to KNOW all of this, true or not true. It would be wonderful to be able to speak with Mr. Files, because I have some questions for him. Not the least of which is the fact that an Army private was standing right next to "badge man" as he fired THE SHOT as recorded in the Mary Moorman photo. Also, if the HIT was called off, why did it go down?

Anyway, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for what you have done. I'll view the remainder of the DVD, and, with your permission, show it to one of my classes, who are geniuses, and ask them what they think, and let you know.

You are amazing!

Dr. Donald A. Garlock, PHD, USC

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