November 22, 1963
Dallas, Texas
In less than
a second,
America died.


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"If you shut up the truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way."

- French author Emile Zola

"Treason does never prosper.
What's the reason?
When it prospers,
None dare call it treason."

Sir John Harrington

Posada Carriles' US asylum application
connects to JFK assassination


Chauncey Marvin Holt

Luis Posada Carriles

An expert on the Kennedy assassination asks:

Does Posada have incriminating evidence against Bush senior?

By Jean Guy Allard - Special for Granma International

• “I am beginning to suspect that Posada has some very incriminating evidence against Bush senior to be released if he dies a suspicious death. Otherwise I can't imagine how he can get away with it, or why the Bush administration exposes itself to so such an embarrasment."

In an interview with Granma International, Wim Dankbaar is not hiding his astonishment over the request for asylum by international terrorrist Luis Posada Carriles in Miami.

"It's just astounding. The apathy of the media even more so. Why does no media source write that the man is not pardoned from his sentence for killing 73 people, but that he ESCAPED and is still a convicted terrorrist on the loose?"

Dankbaar, a Dutch businessman who has financed new investigations into the Kennedy shooting - with the collaboration of retired FBI agents - and who is assembling a documentary on the subject, has shown how one of the three individuals arrested by Dallas police shortly after the crime, placed Luis Posada Carriles in Dealey Plaza in Dallas when the assassination was carried out.

He affirms that Chauncey Holt, one of three alleged vagrants - in truth, they were Mafia hitmen in disguise - who were detained, testified on the facts in a 2-hour video recording made shortly before his death that was never transmitted. "In this recording," said Dankbaar, "Holt names a few Cuban-Americans, and among them is Luis Posada Carriles. He identifies the other two tramps as Charles Rogers and Charles Harrelson. Harrelson is a convicted hitman serving life for another murder, and also the father of Hollywood actor Woody Harrelson."

Newsweek was the first to report on this story in 1991. (A reprint of that article can be found by clicking here.)

Meanwhile Dankbaar adds a lot more information: Chauncey Holt was working under the orders of Meyer Lansky, notorious chief of the Havana mafia during the 1950s, and Pete Licavoli, another U.S. mafia leader.

But Holt was also an operative for the CIA. His instructions for Dallas came from his undercover CIA supervisor Philip Twombly of the Bank of Fullerton, California. Those instructions were specifically to make and deliver secret service credentials to a rabid anti Castro militant named Homer Echevarria, who was a close associate of Cuban exile leader Paulino Sierra . Holt further relates that he made id cards in the names of Lee Harvey Oswald, Lee Henry Oswald, Leon Oswald, Leon Osborne and Alek Hidell. Furthermore he drove to Dallas from Licavoli’s Arizona ranch in the company of Leo Moceri and Charles Nicoletti, both hitmen for mafia moguls Giancana and Licavoli. Holt’s testimony on the Kennedy plot is therefore clear evidence of the collaboration between the CIA, Organized Crime and the Cuban exile community, with the consent of the highest elements in the US Government. His story even points out that Joseph Ball, counsel for the Warren Commission, was a CIA asset, who harboured several of the participants in a safe house in Acapulco, to keep them out of reach of the Commission.

According to Dankbaar, Holt came forward because all the principals are dead and he felt the american public was entitled to know the truth about the death of their President. He expressed particularly strong reservations on the CIA’s use of Lee Harvey Oswald as a sacrificial lamb. Holt has left a number of documents to support his story, up to written instructions and private correspondence from his mafia and CIA superiors. 1

Chauncey Holt is pictured above.
He was the tramp in the hat in the
infamous Three Tramps pictures.
He drove Charles Nicoletti into Dallas
on the morning of 11/22/63.

Dankbaar pointed out that mafia boss Sam Giancana’s biography - edited by his brother - discloses the role played by two buddies of former Havana chief Santos Trafficante, one of which could perfectly be Posada, according to the description given.

The research financed by Dankbaar was led by retired detective Zack Shelton, who worked for the FBI for 28 years, principally in Chicago and Kansas City. The film entitled Second Look presents the results of his search for new information on the controversial subject.

According to Dankbaar, the presence in Dallas of several small groups of individuals linked both to the Cuban-American leadership of the Batista faction and the Italian mafia could be explained by the CIA’s compartmentalization of its operations.

As well as Posada, the film shows that other known Cuban-American CIA operatives, such as Frank Sturgis and Orlando Bosch, were also present in Dealey Plaza. It further presents the story of another CIA operative and sidekick of Charles Nicoletti from the Chicago crime family, James E. Files, who has confessed to being the man who fired the headshot at JFK from the infamous grassy knoll.

A fragment of this videotaped confession is presented here.

“Some JFK reseachers tell me that they have never heard of James Files. I then remind them they are not supposed to hear of covert CIA operatives. He did not achieve the notoriety of people like Bosch, Novo and Posada, who are implicated in the Cuban airline bombing and the assassination of Orlando Letelier. He just managed to keep a lower profile. But rest assured that he was active in the same circles”.

Dankbaar refers to these documents:

Document 1

Document 2

Dankbaar does not discount the possibility that Posada could have been another triggermen firing at Kennedy. He points out that in his special address at the Havana Convention Centre on April 11, Fidel Castro stressed that a document declassified by US authorities talks about Carriles as belonging to a CIA group, with the code name of Cazador (Hunter). Although ironically, the Cuban President noted, Carriles was a hunter who blew up passenger airplanes. Fidel Castro indicated that the document revealed that the terrorist had received military training, graduating with the rank of lieutenant, boasted a certificate as an expert sharpshooter and gave courses on explosives and demolition.

"Posada was almost killed in Guatemala in 1990, which he publicly blamed on Castro agents. 2

But that may be a cover story, it may as well have been the CIA. This guy knows too much, and I don't think it is too far out to assume he has communicated some type of "insurance".

Remember how CIA drug smuggler and Iran-Contra operative Barry Seal was gunned down? If you believe his lawyer, Seal was in direct contact with George Bush. And the personal telephone number of George H. W. Bush was found in the trunk of Seal's car. They blamed his murder on the Medellin cartel, but he was scheduled to testify and there were a lot of rumors he had a video tape featuring Jeb and George W. Bush." 3

Dankbaar also cites the case of David Morales: “David Sanchez Morales is another CIA assassin involved in the JFK assassination who died under suspicious circumstances. He had secured his house with double alarm systems, but not against burglars. He confessed to a friend: "It's my own guys I am worried about. I know too damned much." 4

It's possible that Posada can blackmail the Bush Administration. Therefore I would not be surprised if he gets his asylum. James Files has been a target for discreditation as the CIA purged his files, even his birth certificate says "deceased at birth", but denying Posada's past is not so easy". 5

And does the fact that ex operative Porter Goss, who admits to having participated in terrorrist acts against Cuba, is the new CIA director, facilitate the return of Posada?

“Of course. The man that Bush selected, has been part of the CIA efforts to overthrow the Castro regime and assassinate its leader", Dankbaar confirms. “Goss is an ideal man to keep possible scandals under the carpet for Bush and particularly, his father. They are both participants in the same history. ” 6

I am sure it will come as a surprise if I say that Bush has his fingerprints all over this case, but that is purely because of ignorance of the public. And the public is being kept ignorant because the mainstream press does not report on it. But there is ample documentary and testimonial evidence to tie Bush senior to the Bay of Pigs, the anti-Castro cause and the Kennedy assassination. It's beyond the scope of this interview to list that evidence here, but you have to understand that the Kennedy assassination stems from the same forces that were trying to oust Fidel Castro, which were basically Organized Crime, Cuban exiles, CIA and Big Oil in Texas. Bush connects to all four. They all wanted Cuba back and saw the Kennedy's standing in their way.

Their collaboration is now a matter of public record, from the Bay of Pigs, but also in the CIA/Mafia plots to kill Castro. Organized crime was under an unprecented attack from Robert Kennedy, JFK wanted to abolish the oil depletion allowance and splinter the autonomy of the CIA, and the hawks in the Pentagon found him soft on communism and war. On top of that they blamed him for the failure of the Bay of Pigs, to make it worse he fired the top three men of the CIA. They openly called him a traitor. He was treathening their existence. So he had to go. It is as simple as that. They got rid of him in a coup d' état, displaying an arrogance of power by shooting him from opposite directions in broad daylight, and then lying to the American public in a cover-up that should insult the intelligence of every American who has only remotely looked at the evidence. Even despite the fact that most of that evidence was kept away. Imagine you film the murder of a President today. You could sell it for millions of dollars and it would go over every TV screen in the world. But not in Kennedy's case.

Kennedy wouldn't be President in the first place if he had not made a deal with Giancana to rig his election in Illinois. 7

Nixon lost just barely and he was put forward by Prescott Bush, few people know that. Neither do they know that Allen Dulles, the CIA director fired by Kennedy and later member of the Warren Commission, was a close friend. 8

Even less that Nixon, Dulles and Bush had been the architects for the Bay of Pigs under Eisenhower. This can all be documented. Just like his friendship with George Demohrenschildt, who was Lee Harvey Oswald's closest friend in Dallas. 9

Why did Bush never disclose that? Witholding information about a crime, is also a crime. Why does he not recall his whereabouts on 11/22/63? When and where did he befriend the Cuban CIA agent Felix Rodriguez, who by the way is Posada's buddy, all the way from the Bay of Pigs to Iran Contra. All those kids with T-shirts of Che Guevara don't know that Rodriguez was his captor and probably his killer. 10

Why does he deny that he is the "George Bush of the CIA" in an FBI memo from Hoover about the Kennedy assassination? 11

Does he really expect us to swallow that his directorship was his first job for the Agency? Why did he pardon Orlando Bosch, Posada's acomplice in the airline bombing, who was also in Dealey Plaza that day? 12

Not to mention Guillermo Novo, also just pardoned and released by Panama and returned to Miami. I could go on and on. Most journalists don't ask these questions, because they are not even aware of the information. 13

And the Bushes themselves hardly make a secret of their symphaties. Look at what George W. is doing now, he is still calling for the removal of Castro, and he is still carressing the guys who have been trying to accomplish that for over 40 years. That's why Florida is "his" state. Don't get me wrong, I have no affiliation with Castro or his regime, my orientation is towards freedom and democracy, but the double standards of the Bush administration are just so insulting they are almost laughable.

Actually, what I find the most intriguing phenomenon in this case, is that no one believes the government version of JFK anymore, instead everyone believes it was a conspiracy, but if you say that Bush was involved they look at you as if you're crazy. What is so difficult in grasping that the ones who seized power from a coup d'etat, are still in charge today? Is it because it's too mindboggling?

Allen Dulles summarized his opinion about the American public at a Congressional meeting: "But nobody reads. Don't believe people read in this country. There will be a few professors that will read the record... the public will read very little".

I guess I am one of those "few professors" and thus more in support of this qoute:

"There is no doubt now that there was a conspiracy, yet most of us are not very angry about it. The conspiracy to kill the president of the United States was also a conspiracy against the democratic system --and thus a conspiracy against you. I think you should get very angry about that."

- Gaeton Fonzi, Investigator for the House Select Comittee on Assassinations

I say the story is a little bigger than Castro's indignation about Bush harboring and protecting terrorrists. He is harboring the killers of JFK.


More details

For the latest news on Posada just click here.


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"Treason does never prosper. What's the reason? When it prospers, None dare call it treason."

- Sir John Harrington

"If you shut up the truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it bursts through it will blow up everything in its way."

- French author Emile Zola

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